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Jeff has been moved back to Josephine County Jail, away from his partner and support base.
The gov is doing everything it can to coerce Jeff into testifying, even though Jeff has made it crystal clear he will not cooperate with a grand jury engaged in a political witchhunt, and being used illegally to prepare for trial. A six month extension of this illegal grand jury has been threatened, which could keep Jeff jailed until March '07.

Jeff was able to take his final exam while back at Lane County, which finished up his first year of nursing school. Unfortunately, his unjust jailing has put his schooling on hold indefinitely.

A motion has been filed with the 9th Circuit federal court to release Jeff. A response from the court should come in thirty days.

It should be assumed that Jeff was unable to take any personal belongings (including addresses) to Jo County, so please WRITE TO HIM again at:

Jeff Hogg
1901 N.E. F St.
Grants Pass, OR

He did receive many birthday cards and sends his thanks to you all.

Trash the Illegal Grand Jury!! Free Jeff Hogg!!!
is his prison number the same? 26.Aug.2006 16:39


do we need it to send him a letter?

inmate number 27.Aug.2006 11:09

resisting the green scare

Jeff's inmate number at Grant's Pass is not the same as Lane county, but you do not need the inmate number to send him something in Josephine County.