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Government Targetting Reporters

"Sneaks and peeks" becoming commonplace at reporter's home.
When a person is assaulted by law enforcement, it is a wound in the fabric of society. Every assault bears a certain physicality. The pain is the same, whether the victim is white, black, Hispanic, female or elderly.

An assault on a reporter, however, carries a particular weight. An assault on a reporter is, in reality, an assault on the truth. And whether we know it or not, we all bear the mark of that assault.

In the past two weeks, my apartment in Sandpoint, Idaho, has been entered several times in what appear to be "sneak and peeks." The items that are missing seem to reveal the perpetrator: 1) Two tapes from the documentary I have been working on concerning the "water problem." One tape survived, having been in my purse at the time of the illegal entering of my home. 2) A nature photograph, shot by ex-paramour Special Agent Jack Smith (who still resides at the condo we shared at 7911 1/8 Norton Ave in West Hollywood, California), and given to me by Smith at the time he was trying to lure me into a relationship with him. 3) A video entitled "Weather Control as a Weapon," given to me by ex-FBI Bureau Chief Ted Gunderson, at the time he was trying to convince me that he was not a wolf, but a lamb. 4) All but one copy of the interview video I had produced, entitled "Water as a Weapon."

I had put up a low-tech security system when I moved to Sandpoint. A video camera was aimed at the door, and fed into a TV/VCR hook-up. I arrived home last week to find the tape had been removed from the VCR. Subsequent "visits" by my intruders resulted in the busting of the camera, so it will no longer record anything at all.

My real fear here is of entrapment. Back when I was still living in Long Beach, and following my break-up with Agent Smith, I came home after a two day absence to find my place had been ransacked. Upon close inspection, I found drugs scattered all over my living room. I immediately closed and bolted the front door, and began scooping and flushing, scooping and flushing. Much to my horror, the police showed up within five minutes after my arrival home.

I am stating publicly here that I use no drugs whatsoever. I do not smoke, and my alcoholic intake is limited to a couple of beers a year. I take no presciption medication, so there is no reason for there to be any type of pill or drug in my home.

I have reported the break-ins to the Sandpoint Sheriffs. The deputy who took the last report asked, somewhat disingenuously, if I thought the break-ins were related to my work. What else could they be related to?

As my security system is disabled and there is a history of police entrapment since I began working on Patriot Act issues, I am attempting to protect myself from more attempts to derail my work and my life.

For those not familiar with my articles and radio broadcasts concerning a de-population program (de-population translates as domestic genocide), you may start with this link:  http://la.indymedia.org/news/2004/08/115676.php or google "Public Extermination Project."

Janet Phelan
August 26, 2006
the way 26.Aug.2006 10:07

i see it

is to post your video interview on indymedia or other alternate media venues
that way there won't be just a "single copy" left
and if you believe that was part of what they were trying to retrieve
you have openly stated here you had a copy in your purse

People have come into my apartment, too 26.Aug.2006 12:29

Jody Paulson

I used to live in Moscow, Idaho. I used to do a provocative thrice-a-week radio commentary called "What They Don't Tell You" for KRFP, our community radio station {there are archived versions of these commentaries at  http://radio4all.net and  http://radio.indymedia.org ]. I lived alone, and after a heavy snow I would come home and find tracks leading up to my door and on the inside it would be wet, even though I was at work all day. Unfortunately, I guess this is actually legal under the patriot act, no one has to tell you that they've been there.

I'd also like to state for the record that I don't partake in any illegal drugs, either.

not just reporters 26.Aug.2006 16:23

forest dweller

What's next? Probably another round of journalists, etc., committing
suicide by shooting themselves twice in the head.

Sixpack 28.Aug.2006 09:17

Sneak and Freak wabc@mutualaid.org

Apparently, Portland Police don't like having their snitches exposed, and don't like it when anyone mentions an old "drug-deal-gone-bad" scenario, that was "allegedly" a bureau execution of a snitch that had given bad info to their handler...just...one...too...many...times.

I imagine that along with those covert peek-sessions, you've noticed people just "killing time" somewhere, and you didn't pay any attention to them.

Your car may have been unlocked in the morning several times, but darn it, you could have forgotten to lock it last night.(just not THAT many times)

And it wouldn't surprise me if you happened to call your bank about your balance, only to hear the teller say---"I told you I'd have to look that up for you after lunch, ma'am..."

The intrusions are so subtle, sometimes making you question your own samity.

Don't second guess yourself, that's how they operate.