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Howard McFarland Fish's Dynamite

When I travel out of the country, the first item on my list of souvenirs to gather is NOT DYNAMITE.

His father, also named Howard, had this to say:
"It's a 21-year-old kid not paying careful attention to the press and thinking it would be cool to have a piece of dynamite."
I wonder if Howard's father would have said the same if it hadn't been his son with the dynamite but a middle eastern looking 21 year old "kid".

I remember when the white teenagers set fires to churches in the South - the explanation - just a prank gone bad.

Howard went on vacation. When he left Argentina he packed a half stick of dynamite in his luggage. It is possible that he has been out of touch with media during his travels and unaware of the TERROR IN THE SKY daily scares. I'm a bit skeptical though because even before that occurred it was not legal to put dynamite in your luggage on U.S. flights, domestic or international, so why would he assume it would be okay to bring them in.

The student, 21-year-old Howard McFarland Fish, was charged with carrying an explosive aboard an aircraft and is in the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. This time they actually have someone who BROUGHT something onto an aircraft, but OH-MY-GAWD he isn't middle eastern.

Houston Fire Department Assistant Chief Omero Longoria said Fish told authorities he works in mining and often handles explosives. (I wonder what he would have brought in his suitcase if he worked with briefcase nukes)

Fish's father, Howard, said he is certain his son, who bought the dynamite while visiting a silver mine while traveling in South America, intended no harm and was probably just bringing the dynamite home as a souvenir of his travels.

The younger Fish attends Lafayette College in Easton, Pa.

Just use of no-fly list 26.Aug.2006 09:25

infrequent flyer

Carrying of explosives aboard international passenger aircraft and passenger vessels has always been banned by international tariffs. Ignorance is no excuse. This guy lacks common sense, is dangerous, and represents the type person who should be placed on "no-fly" lists - rather than the freedom of speach advocates and dissenters who always seem to get placed on such lists.

another interesting 26.Aug.2006 11:27


When those responsible for the church arson fires ("pranks gone bad") were arrested their photos were not readily available in the media. They were caucasion and so it was deemed not to splash their photographs across the globe. Eventually they released them.

Try obtaining a media photo of the "Dynamite Kid", Howard McFarland Fish. You can find photos of the airplane but, amazingly, no picture of the suspect. You can also view a picture of the actual dog who sniffed out the explosive - WOW! You can even see a picture of Mark Mancuso, airport spokesman. Odds in Vegas are now in favor that the Dynamite Kid is caucasion.

Mr. Mancuso: "Some additional items of contraband may have been found."

Marcelo Sain, head of Argentina's Airport Security Police in Buenos Aires stated n that authorities found: "a Coca-Cola bottle with mud, and inside it was a tube with ammonium nitrate, a little bit of dynamite and a detonator,".

In Houston, KTRK-13 quoted law enforcement sources as saying: "that the man had a blasting cap, a homemade fuse and a quarter-pound of ammonium nitrate, in addition to the dynamite."

One thing is positive - John McFarland Fish has a fetish for strange "souvenirs".

The penalty for carrying an explosive aboard an aircraft carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000 - stay tuned to find out what he actually receives......

because 26.Aug.2006 13:29

america "needs to know"

this is the THE DOG!
the one, the only - Dynamite Dog!
the one, the only - Dynamite Dog!

rediculous 21.Nov.2006 00:16


you are all rediculous and racist in trying so hard to not be racist
you are furthering the lines between race by making that such a large issue because if you actually knew the about the issue then you would understand that this kid had no intention of blowing up the plane but was taking home a souvenir that he had carried in his backpack for two weeks prior to this and thought was harmless and is a boarding school kid who would never have a crazy idea like that and you dont even have to know him personally (which I do) to underrstand this all you have to do is do your research and actually think objectively and not racist about the issue