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palestine journal: 25 august: israeli ceasefire violations don't count

Fri, August 25, 2006
"Twelve day ceasefire continues to hold" say the headlines. but what they really
mean is that, in the twelve days since the UN-brokered ceasefire began, no rockets
have been fired by Hezbollah into israel. what is left out is that in every single
one of those twelve days since the "ceasefire", israeli forces have continued to
launch raids deep into lebanon, and to drop missiles from airplanes onto the
already-devastated ruins of lebanon.

amir peretz, israeli 'defense' (war) minister, said sunday "Our duty is to prepare
for the next round".

but israel's 'next round' is simply a continuation of the last - for israel, the
words 'ceasefire' mean nothing ....as proved by many many years of such attempted
'ceasefires' by occupied palestinians, who have time and again halted their piddling
rocket fire over the border -- 90% of which hit open desert -- in the hopes that
israel would also stop its attacks on palestinians. this has never happened.
usually, during such attempted 'ceasefires', israeli attacks have only increased.

and lebanon is no exception.....

aug. 23 - an israeli soldier was killed when his jeep ran over an old land mine laid
by his colleagues in the israeli army:

aug. 21 violations:

aug. 19 - baalbek raid (note: baalbek is nowhere near the israel-lebanon border. it
is in the far north of lebanon, on the border with syria) - the UN head, kofi annan,
said this raid clearly violated the ceasefire:

jonathan cook, an analyst in israel, has this to say about the 'baalbek raid':
"Israeli special forces launched the covert operation to capture a Hizbullah leader,
Sheikh Mohammed Yazbak, way beyond the Litani River, the northern extent of Israel's
supposed 'buffer zone'. The hit squad were disguised not only as Arabs -- a regular
ploy by units called 'mistarvim' -- but as Lebanese soldiers driving in Lebanese
army vehicles. When their cover was blown, Hizbullah opened fire, killing one
Israeli and wounding two more in a fierce gun battle.

"It is worth noting that, according to the later official version, Israel's elite
forces were exposed only as they completed their intelligence work and were
returning home. Why would Israel be using special forces, apparently in a
non-belligerent fashion, in a dangerous ground operation when shipments of weapons
crossing from Syria can easily be spotted by Israel's spy drones and its warplanes?

"It is difficult to see how this operation could be characterised as "defensive"
except in the Orwellian language employed by Israel's army -- which, after all, is
misleadingly known as the Israel Defence Forces. UN Resolution 1701, the legal basis
of the ceasefire, calls on Israel to halt "all offensive military operations". How
much more offensive could the operation be?"
see more:  http://electronicintifada.net/v2/article5604.shtml

"Inside 1701: What the UN Security Council's Ceasefire Resolution Actually Says":
"A line-by-line analysis reveals that it is as full of pro-Israeli holes as a Swiss
cheese....The loopholes also suggest that the present ceasefire, presently welcomed
by two exhausted sides, may hold only a few weeks."

here's noam chomsky's analysis:

back in palestine.....things are back to 'normal'. that means the daily killing of
1,2,3...7,10 palestinian civilians, the taking of prisoners by israeli forces from
their homes each day and night, the 700 checkpoints, the nightly shelling of the
gaza strip, the early morning invasions of refugee camps, the home demolitions, the
settlement expansion, the wall construction......all of which were of course still
going on during the lebanon war but were superceded by the massive casualties being
inflicted by israeli forces on that beleagured nation during the last month of war.
so ....that appears to be 'over' for now (except of course for what i wrote about

over 200 killed in israeli 'operation summer rains' that is ongoing in gaza....

the wailing cries of the palestinians go out night after night, year after year, the
heartfelt writing of blog after blog, tearful testimonies to the united nations
human rights commission, to amnesty international, to anyone who will listen......

...reminding me, as i think about it, of the plaintive cries coming out of the congo
at the end of the 19th century......mark twain, joseph conrad, and other articulate
english writers took up the cause, appealing with desperate descriptions to the
western world of the horrid reality of live in congo under the colonial
occupiers.....and what good did it do? the european and american companies that
profited off the murder of 15 million congolese people to make goodyear tires out of
the rubber that congolese people were forced at gunpoint to collect until they fell
down dead from exhaustion, not to mention those shot at gunpoint or tortured to
death....the dozens of companies that STILL EXIST TODAY that made their fortunes off
stealing the resources of a colonized and exploited people living in the cruelest
conditions imaginable....the bankers, the investors, the company owners, the
politicians that made their fortunes off that colonization and cruelty have not
ceased the exploitation, and have passed their fortunes on to their children, who
maintain the upper-class-crust that continues the parasitic culture of
colonization.......an estimated 2 million people have died in the congo in the last
three years in fighting that's a continuation of the genocide of rwanda - the
resource wars that are the logical continuation of the colonial domination of the
19th and 20th centuries......the only elected leader, populist patrice lumumba, was
murdered in 1961 by the CIA, to be replaced by the cruellest dictators imaginable -
fully US supported and funded of course....
(read 'king leopold's ghost' for more on the congo:

so what good are all these plaintive cries and descriptions of the conditions of
oppression if THINGS DON'T CHANGE? if people in the west don't listen to those
plaintive cries, read those descriptive writings and DO SOMETHING about it, NOTHING
will change.

i mean....the 10,000 or more cluster bomb shells being found in southern lebanon,
the ones that shatter on impact firing shrapnel in every direction, killing hundreds
of civilians in lebanon - (ONE THIRD of the 1200 killed in lebanon were
CHILDREN)....the cluster bombs were supplied by the US. THE US CONFIRMS that this
is the case. the organization human rights watch, in the third week of the war,
sent an urgent appeal to the US to STOP sending those cluster bombs, please!!! in
plaintive tones, they cried, please! stop sending the cluster bombs!!! they're
killing children!! instead, the US shipped off a rush shipment of more weapons,
missiles and cluster bombs to israel.....and of course, more and more children were

or could it be, as ward churchill asked after september 11th, that americans KNOW
about the piles and piles of hundreds, thousands, millions of dead babies killed
DIRECTLY in their name, for their lifestyle, with weapons they paid for and
supplied, that they KNOW, but they just DON'T CARE. that they agree with madeleine
albright's statement in 1996 that, yes, we know that half a million children have
died in Iraq due to the US-led sanctions, but that, "We think the price is worth

i'm asking you: is the price really worth it? i mean to you, personally. are the
millions of dead babies that have been, and continue to be killed in your name a
price that you're willing to pay?

or is magan wiles of st. louis right in assessing, "I think you all are tired of
this militaristic, war-driven, corporate-controlled society we live in. I think you
all know that there is a better way to live. I think you ready for it to happen, and
I trust the day is approaching when you will feel you have the power to make it
happen, when we stand strong together and take back our country." when she says,
"We have to take things into our own hands. We have to start working on the world's
problems--and the problems within our own country-- as if they are are our own
problems. It's the only way things will change. We have to be brave enough to say
'This is not who we want to be anymore. This is not the way we want the world to be
see:  http://www.palestinechronicle.com/story-08250655142.htm