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WAR 101

Rumors of war is not at issue. Expanding our current war is the issue. Many are aware of this,  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/08/345016.shtml and
Empire Spreads its Wings,  link to radio.indymedia.org
Its not about one man but whom they represent
Its not about one man but whom they represent
War in the mid-east swelled to a white hot cinder last month with Israel invasion of Lebanon. After a month of wonton (my apologies to our Asian brother) bombing of infrastructure, civilians and attack of opposition leadership, the Israeli army withdrew from its attack.

Its clear Israel chose to withdraw. It appeared to have opposition, but all this can not be confirmed from my information system. Its only clear that the mass media no longer reports Israel strikes.

So what else has the media been laying on my mind with this mid-east turmoil? EU peace keepers are on there way. I was thinking that Israel would be taking the position here, but apparently the crusaders will in the name of peace. A fragile peace, a peace to be kept by armies: how ironic and impossible, but that's the news. Yes this peace hangs by a thread and everyone has an army about it.

So why do I smell more blood in the wind? First off there seems to be a trend here since the 2000 presidential election, 911, Afghanistan, Iraq invasion, Darfur: take your pick; but the marines are not being taken for a picnic. EU armies are not going to Lebanon for rebuilding of Lebanon. No news yet on the rebuilding of Lebanon, only on how bad Iran and Hezbollah are to us The EU force will be a crusade to clean an imperial clock. Actually two or three clocks come to my mind.

The first clock will be cleaned by Israeli forces. It will destroy Syria's infrastructure and decapitate its leadership. The EU force will hold down Lebanese retaliation, and secure Israelis border. Israel will likely leap frog Lebanon to further secure the Syrian Iraq border by invasion and consider seizing Lebanon and put its population in concentration camps as was done the Palestinians. Of course all in the name of peace and security this will be done.

The next clock to be cleaned will be that of Iran.. It will sit and watch the destruction of Syria. It sat and watched the destruction of Lebanon so why not Syria? Iran will be surrounded. It could be bombed for a decade into submission. It could be invaded by US force or left in turmoil with its infrastructure destroyed with its leadership too. The unavailability of oil will enrich those who have oil.

What is unclear here is the war fighting capability of Lebanon, Syria and Iran. What is clear is that the civilian populations have paid a big price and will continue to do so.
on the likely event of war against iran 26.Aug.2006 10:17

this thing here

>What is unclear here is the war fighting capability of Lebanon, Syria and Iran.<

i think it's clear that a war against iran, and perhaps syria as well, is something which the bush admin. is salivating over. they are obsessed with it. however, there are some serious problems facing the bush admin's war fantasies.

number 1, the only other nation on earth that actually wants a war against iran, or thinks it would be a great idea, is israel. that's it.

number 2, i think there is some serious war fatigue going on. war is not popular. war is not cool and exciting anymore. war doesn't have the support of 60% or even 50% of america anymore, much less it's european alllies.

number 3, iran is 3 times the country of iraq - three times the size, three times the population. if the u.s. military's doctrines of shock and awe air campaign's and occupation with 130,000 troops can't keep a lid on iraq, how the hell will it work on iran? using their math, they'll need at least three times the troops. but where are these troops going to come from?

number 4, it's pretty clear the u.n. security council is not about to give the green light for war based on iran's nuclear program. they can't even agree about sanctions.

(it is obvious that iran knows the bush admin. has these problems. this is why they will keep bluffing, keep acting like they have a killer hand. they may actually have a nuclear weapons program. or, they may not. but they want to win and they know their opponents are in a very weak and problematic position.)

clearly, the bush admin. doesn't give a shit if the entire rest of the world doesn't want another war. but what if the american people don't want another war? if the bush admin. wants this war to get started, they'll need some way to get the american people on board, simply so as to get more troops for their disposal.

another false flag 9-11 event would provide a catalyzing excuse for them. they could perhaps even use it as an excuse to reinstitute the draft. and of course, they would hold it over everyone's heads and use it to scare us into submission.

or, they could just launch a war against iran without another 9-11, without a security council resolution, without the troops necessary, without the support of even 50% of the american people, or any country but israel. they would think of themselves as being smart, brave and gutsy...

My guess 26.Aug.2006 21:22

Spastica Rex


1) Iran/Syria "attacks" Israel.

2) U.S. can then attack Iran/Syria.

3) "Shock and Awe" Didn't work with Iraq, must up the ante. Plus -- no more troops for ground fighting.

4) Perfect excuse to use nukes.

5) Big boom.