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gestapo tactics in whitewater wisconsin
My name is Steve Cvicker and I live and work in Whitewater Wisconsin, for the last four years I have personally witnessed what can only be described as racial profiling or discrimination, aimed at the latino community. There is one officer on the Police force who has used his role as a law officer to berate, harrass and intimidate any one with a different skin tone than his.
The recent immigration raid performed in this city had nothing really to do with immigration or identity theft, it was really retribution against some of us business owners for not obeying what this officer demanded and that was not to hire any more hispanic people. His demands would put us in a position of firing people based on their skin color. If you go to the social security web site and read what it says there as far as what an employers duties are and what we may or may not do it is very simple to see that he exceeded his boundries.
When this officer has been denied his demands he then threatens the business owner with legal action, when the owner further ignores his pleas to break the law he will come up with any charge that he can to put that person out of business. Whether his charges have basis or not the damage is done to reputations and business relationships.
You have to take a look at the whole problem here, as one judge in this county is quoted as saying here is an officer with 33 years of service behind him and there you are the supposed law breaker who am I tio believe. With that kind of backing you have a cop who deciphers the law any way he sees fit and the people have no chance. Just some facts that may seem unimportant now but will rise later is that this officer was due to retire but asked for an extension on his retirement date to complete this raid on his birthday no less.
To take who people who have been characterized as a drain on society, and arrest them at their jobs (ironically) and then send them to a dentention facility with no contact to their familys is reminicent of the way the Gestapo handled things in world war 2. How can these things go on in our country with no true explanation for the reasoning. These people have been accused of identity theft is it really identity theft if you only use those numbers and contribute to some one else social security account?? Where is the victom there if it is illegal to make those contributions why isnt the federal government returning those funds that were deposited? The only real time that identity theft takes place is when you take those numbers and apply for a loan or credit card.
I currently have a civil rights suit filed against this officer and the department he works for and I will prevail this is wrong. If you or any one out there would like to look it up please do then you can see what has been done in this county. The suit was filed in the wisconsin eastern district federal court because of the feeling that filing it locally it would have been thrown out due to the years of service this officer has and past statements by the court.
Fore more information on Walworth County courts and how things work here go to The Office for Public Integrity's web site and read the first item under prosecutorial misconduct and if that Piques your interest contact any attorney in this county to get an earful of other outragous behavior enacted here. Of course any attorney you contact will only give you the information annonymously for fear of reprisal. I too was afraid to stand up for what I thought was right but now after losing my business, family, and anything of material value what do I have to lose. They cannot take away our integrity.
steve cvicker

phone: phone: 262-473-6900