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Republican Congressional Candidate Fingers the Bushies for planning 9/11

A Republican candidate for the 2nd District congressional seat in New Hampshire said Wednesday that the US government was complicit in the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.
Would you believe a candidate for the U.S. House is charging the Bushies with planning the 9/11 event? Or that the candidate is a Republican?

She's Mary Maxwell, 59, a Ph.D. in political science, and faces two opponents in New Hampshire's September 12 (!!!) primary for the 2d district? She's the first Congressional candidate who's flung open the door that the mainstream media fears to enter. She's giving the Bushies an "August surprise." Maxwell is current on all the Bush/Cheney high-crimes (even wrote a thoughtful "Goodbye, Cheney" link on her campaign website, etc.).

As the TruthOut squib said Friday about this gutsy anti-Bushie Republican candidate (NH's 2d district):

"GOP Candidate Says 9/11 Attacks Were a Hoax
A Republican candidate for the 2nd District congressional seat in New Hampshire said Wednesday that the US government was complicit in the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. In an editorial board interview with the Telegraph on Wednesday, Mary Maxwell said the US government had a role in killing nearly 3,000 people at the World Trade Center and Pentagon, so it could make Americans hate Arabs and allow the military to bomb Muslim nations like Iraq."

The Nashua Telegram scored Maxwell's candidacy editorially, needless to say. But after reading that earth-shaking reprint from the Telegram about her, I googled up her campaign website and sent her a bipartisan hurrah. And, hey, she responded immediately. She's affable, approachable, and one brave patriot who could use a few dollars ASAP for her campaign and keeping the 9/11 door open for a new, independent investigation.

Check her website for biog and platform ( http://www.maxwellforcongress.com/menu)
You go girl friend 26.Aug.2006 09:14

patriot guy

An actual (alive) politian pointing out the obvious. Way to go Mary.

This is great news!! Guess the GOP faces a counter-October Surprise!! 26.Aug.2006 09:21


When I sent the Truthout link to fellow activists yesterday morning, I noted the bravery of this woman in the face of the Mob-like resistance she will likely face. There is a massive cover-up in place re 9-11, and the villains need to be exposed. 9-11 was way too convenient an excuse to launch such a radical reshaping of our 230 year old Constitutional Republic. Follow the money!!

Time to right the upside-down world the GOP has caused, and to expose the lies BushCo has based its "security-freedom-democracy" agenda on!! They want none of those, and they are playing the American people like a fiddle!!

Thanks to a guy that passed me one morning at the Hawthorne Bridge, I would like to highly recommend that people read this article by George Lakoff, for some potent insights on the real Bush Agenda, entitled "Bush is Not Incompetent" ( http://www.rockridgeinstitute.org/research/lakoff/incompetent). A taste of the article is below.

As trite as it sounds, Truth will set you free!! Fight like you never thought you would have to!!


Bush Is Not Incompetent

by George Lakoff, Sam Ferguson, Marc Ettlinger

Progressives have fallen into a trap. Emboldened by President Bush's plummeting approval ratings, progressives increasingly point to Bush's "failures" and label him and his administration as incompetent. For example, Nancy Pelosi said "The situation in Iraq and the reckless economic policies in the United States speak to one issue for me, and that is the competence of our leader." Self-satisfying as this criticism may be, it misses the bigger point. Bush's disasters Katrina, the Iraq War, the budget deficit are not so much a testament to his incompetence or a failure of execution. Rather, they are the natural, even inevitable result of his conservative governing philosophy. It is conservatism itself, carried out according to plan, that is at fault. Bush will not be running again, but other conservatives will. His governing philosophy is theirs as well. We should be putting the onus where it belongs, on all conservative office holders and candidates who would lead us off the same cliff.

To Bush's base, his bumbling folksiness is part of his charm it fosters conservative populism. Bush plays up this image by proudly stating his lack of interest in reading and current events, his fondness for naps and vacations and his self-deprecating jokes. This image causes the opposition to underestimate his capacities disregarding him as a complete idiot and deflects criticism of his conservative allies. If incompetence is the problem, it's all about Bush. But, if conservatism is the problem, it is about a set of ideas, a movement and its many adherents.

The idea that Bush is incompetent is a curious one. Consider the following (incomplete) list of major initiatives the Bush administration, with a loyal conservative Congress, has accomplished:

* Centralizing power within the executive branch to an unprecedented degree
* Starting two major wars, one started with questionable intelligence and in a manner with which the military disagreed
* Placing on the Supreme Court two far-right justices, and stacking the lower federal courts with many more
* Cutting taxes during wartime, an unprecedented event
* Passing a number of controversial bills such as the PATRIOT Act, the No Child Left Behind Act, the Medicare Drug bill, the Bankruptcy bill and a number of massive tax cuts
* Rolling back and refusing to enforce a host of basic regulatory protections
* Appointing industry officials to oversee regulatory agencies
* Establishing a greater role for religion through faith-based initiatives
* Passing Orwellian-titled legislation assaulting the environment "The Healthy Forests Act" and the "Clear Skies Initiative" to deforest public lands, and put more pollution in our skies
* Winning re-election and solidifying his party's grip on Congress

These aren't signs of incompetence. As should be painfully clear, the Bush administration has been overwhelmingly competent in advancing its conservative vision. It has been all too effective in achieving its goals by determinedly pursuing a conservative philosophy.

It's not Bush the man who has been so harmful, it's the conservative agenda.

Another 9-11 Truther running for congress 26.Aug.2006 12:58

Jody Paulson

Don't forget Carol Brouillet, who prints the deception dollar (  link to www.deceptiondollar.com ) which I attend on occasion. She's on the Green Party ticket for California's 14th congressional district. She's an amazing lady, and I've noticed she posts here on PDX indymedia quite a bit.


That's fricking INCREDIBLE!!!!! 26.Aug.2006 19:44


Truly incredible......and a Republican.....unbelievable.....show this article to everyone you know......it is a real breakthrough in US politics.....haven't heard anything from Brouilete, but bless her heart too.

I will post this to the major IMCs tomorrow.

reverse propaganda 28.Aug.2006 17:17


People around the world, and the U.S. are aware of the governments
direct involvement in 9/11, as well as the role of al CIAduh......this
also includes CSIS, and other allied intelligence agencies.....as well
as other allied western democracies.......it is an ovious fact that
Bush and Court are responsible for the murder of those people on 9/11.

So why now does a Republican reveal this "news" to the public?

It's to draw attention away from the impending defeat of the U.S.-led
coalition-of-the swilling in Afghanistan, Iraq, not to mention their
defeats in Iran, Syria, etc., and other unpopular Bush/Cabal policies.

Viva La Difference 28.Aug.2006 21:39


I've been 'on vacation', but did anyone notice the huge difference in the photographs of that Russian jetliner that nosedived in a field last week and the pictures of Flight 93? Flight 93 supposedly dived into that Pennsylvania field (Let's Roll!) just like the Aeroflot flight, but Flight 93 left zero debris. Just a smoking hole. The Russian plane left a hole alright, surrounded by a huge debris field. These are nearly identical disasters, so where's the debris? You don't have to be a damned rocket scientist to figure out that this, along with everything else about the official 911 story, is WAAAAAY QUESTIONABLE.
Russian plane crash site - debris here, there, & everywhere
Russian plane crash site - debris here, there, & everywhere
Shanksville - just a big dumb hole in the ground
Shanksville - just a big dumb hole in the ground

More about Flight 93 29.Aug.2006 11:48

dr no-one