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September 10 - 11 Fast for Peace and Teach -In in the Park Blocks

People of Faith Launch 126 Day Peace Vigil with Public Fast
People of Faith for Peace extends invitation for

Public Fast & Prayer on Sept. 10, 11,

Launches 126 days of Peace Vigil

from Sept. 12 until January 15, 2007

Portland, Oregon - On the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center in New York, clerics and lay leaders from the region's communities of faith will join other peacemakers, war veterans, and Gold Star families in a two day public fast in the South Park blocks at Salmon and Park, downtown Portland, Sunday, September 10, and Monday, September 11, both days from 10 am to 6 pm.

All people are invited, say organizers, who want to rediscover and strengthen the bonds among those who long for peace, in remembrance of the people who perished not only on September 11, 2001, but also all victims of terrorists acts and the violence of continuing armed conflicts. The purpose of the fast is 'to bring attention to the urgency for peacemaking and to the rededication of our moral priorities as a people and as a nation,' say organizers.

In addition to fasters, people and congregations are welcomed who want to accompany and support the fasters, plus musicians, artists, singers, who can join the peacemaking community in creating a special environment and sacred space with music, prayers, readings for the two days in the South Park Blocks.

Representing several faith traditions, People of Faith for Peace (POFF) is convening fasters to join various secular peace activist traditions, including Code Pink, a women initiated grass roots peace and social justice network, who is promoting their own Bring the Troop Home Fast, as well as Veterans for Peace.

According to RCA Moore, spokesperson of People of Faith for Peace (POFF), a particular focus is the connection between fasting and prayer; and fasting in the peace activist tradition. "Just as religious and secular peacemakers are joining in this event, we are also lifting the inspiration fasting has historically afforded to justice and peacemakers that has catalyzed response and critical action throughout the world, from Gandhi to Martin Luther King, Jr., and most recently by the Archbishop of York of the Church of England."

PEACE VIGIL LAUNCH on September 12
And it is with Martin Luther King, Jr. in mind that a rolling Peace Vigil with fasting and reflections will be launched on Tuesday, September 12, lasting 126 days until the annual MLK Jr. birthday celebration on January 15, 2007. Anchoring on holy days and special liturgical calendars, a peace lamp sustained by oil will travel from synagogue to mosque, from mosque to churches, from churches to temples, and other sacred sites throughout the Portland metro region. Each faith community host will coordinate the event which will be open to the public. A calendar of the Peace Vigil will be offered on the launch date as well as updates on the People of Faith for Peace website: www.poffpeace.org. For further information: RCA Moore, POFF, (503) 233-0487, Cristy Murray, Code Pink (503) 632- 8187 www.codepinkalert.org

[Note to editors/reporters: For weekly updates or pre-event story interviews, including the list of high profile people who will be fasting, fasting options, supporters, send a note to  andreacano@msn.com or call (503) 731 8874]