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Help! Stop Ancient Aleutian Archelogical site Destruction in Alaska

I need everyone's help stopping an unnecessary road straitening and bridge construction project thru a priceless Native archeological site thousands of years old in Dutch Harbour Alaska.
Hello from Dutch Harbor Alaska.

I was shocked when a friend took me by an archeological dig site and we found a steam shovel and dump truck hauling off loads of stone houses, whale bone and ivory artifacts and countless other cultural treasures to a gravel pit- junk yard- land fill.

The ancient site is featured in the local museum for its incredible artifacts discovered during past archeological digs. Really incredible carvings, tools and personal effects from societies that have thrived at the edge of the world between Aleutian Volcanoes and the Bering Sea for centuries.

I called in a complaint to the historical preservation office at the state of Alaska who approved the state bridge project which is being funded with federal money and built on the local native corporations land.

I stopped by the dumping grounds and was shocked to see artifacts and bones sticking out of the more than 50 piles of miden and home sites trucked there. Then I saw the truck driver pull up, dump and start picking thru his most recent load. I assumed he was pocketing what he found because I have never seen an honest archaeological investigation conducted in the back of a dump truck on the edge of a land fill.

I went to the construction site and told the workers I filed a complaint and had seen the truck driver pulling out artifacts. They said they were torn about doing it. They said the state had originally planned to bulldoze the site into the sea and that they would rather it was them and that they were lucky to be able to get what they could.

They had been joking about how overwhelmingly many new and uncharted ancient home sites and artifacts they had unearthed with the equipment.

I told them if I was them I would resign on the spot get a few people together and shut the whole thing down then personally raise a million dollars to preserve the site. I said if it was my tribes land their heavy equipment and dump truck would be history.

The whole road straitening project is pointless and a massive waste of money. How could you justify destroying the undiscovered history of centuries past just to go faster in your SUV?
 link to www.dnr.state.ak.us

The site is truly unique and the trashing of the ancient village and its mysteries and lessons of the elders times is a crime against the history and culture of native people and the world and is a responsibility of all peoples to stop.
 link to www.dnr.state.ak.us

Please call the State of Alaska office of Archeological preservation (Stephanie Ludwig 907 269 8720) and the Museum of the Aleutians to register your concern and help save the Amaknak Bridge Site.

Chair Sharon -Svarny-Livingston VOICE 907-581-5150 FAX 907-581-6682
Ounalashka Corporation  tugidam@arctic.net

Vice chair Chris Hladick Public At Large  chladick@ci.unalaska.ak.us

Director Kristine King Public At Large  kking@arctic.net

Director Harriet Berikoff Qawalangin tribe

Director O. Patricia Lekanoff-Gregory Aleut Corporation  akaleut@arctic.net

Director Michael Edenfield Public at Large  ucb@arctic.net

Museum Director Zoya Johnson  zoyaj@arctic.net VOICE 907-581-5150 FAX 907-581-6682

Make a call, send an email or fax, Volunteer to do it right or visit Alaska and see it for your self.

Please pass this on to your lists or post it to another indymedia site.

thank you

This happens all the time 30.Aug.2006 13:21

no shoveldigger

The archeological work itself is probably funded by public money. The agency that builds the bridge is required by law to conduct the archaeology survey, and if they find anything, it usually gets moved. Rarely is a site preserved. Many archaeologists get hired onto road and bridge and other construction job sites and basically their work facilitates the building. This is why I chose not to pursue a career in archaeology, though I have the necessary degree and training. If it weren't for the laws, the sites wouldn't be excavated at all though, and the roads and bridges would just plow right through without saving anything.

CRM - cultural resource management. look it up.

Amaknak Ondol Relic Shoud Be the World Heritage of the UNESC) 23.Oct.2009 05:17

Sung Kyu Kim from Chicago Illinois odu@sbcglobal.net

I have studied history in the Graduate Schooll of the University of Illinois at Urbanna-Schaumpaign. I am so concerned the news that the Amaknak archeological sites get damaged. The Archeological site in Amaknak Island where the Korean Ondols and a whalebone mask have been excavated, should be well preserved by the law. Its site is so important in the world history because it shows that in prehistory time, Koreans came there. it means Asian people crossed through the Aleutian archipelago and 'discovered' the Nedw World before Columbus. The sites shoud be registered as the world heritage of the UNESCO, like L'Anse aux Meadows in New Foundland, Canada where Vikings came 1000 years ago before Columbus. For the ballance to the European heritage of the New World Discovery in Canada, the Amaknak's Ondol place of the USA should be recognized and preserved as the place where 'the Ancient Koreans discovered the New World. I organized a non profit organization 'The Korean New World Disocovery Society' based on the discovery of the Amaknak Ondol(3000 years old) and a whaleboe mask. We want to rebuild that four Ondol Houses and register those as the World Heritage of the UNESCO. Following site has some of its information in English. http://cafe.chosun.com/club.menu.bbs.read.screen?page_num=2&p_club_id=dreamview&p_menu_id=65&message_id=556918 Please feel free to contact me about this issue. Sung Kyu Kim. President. The Koeran New World Discovery Society.

(847) 204-6011
144 Wildwood Place, Elk Grove Village Illinois 60007 USA.