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Dear "Terrorist" Child: Life Under Empire's Claws

A must read:
It is oil, little one, that has condemned you and your people to futures beholden to the arrogant Empire from America, for black gold has become like a heroin addiction to the world, making your lands the syringe feeding comfort and wealth and greed into the veins of billions.
Imprisoned in the Vortex of the Pax Americana

Growing up, young child, as you surely are, affected in some way, shape or form by the tentacles of America's malevolent imperialism in the Middle East, whether by market colonialism, economic genocide or military occupation, surely bitterness, hatred, rage and a thirst for vengeance are slowly yet inevitably building inside your tiny body. Like a seed planted into the fertile soils of American hegemony, sprouting in anger with every downpour of American interference in your land, over time nurtured to become a tree bearing the blowback fruit America will be forced to reap, ready to ripen at maturity, your emotions against the Empire growing stronger with every year that passes, with every act of further humiliation and dehumanization, with every display of blatant hypocrisy or lost opportunity, with every new maiming and death upon your family and people.

Whether living in lands overrun by American-sponsored and supported despotic, undemocratic puppets depriving you of real "freedom and democracy," whether living under the billions-of-dollars-a-year in financial and military assistance American subsidized brutal Israeli occupation and apartheid in the world's largest concentration camps, Gaza and the West Bank, whether living in lands under constant American military threats, sanctions and embargoes imposed on their citizens, depriving you of healthcare, opportunity, full nourishment and a chance to grow up as a child should, simply because your people happen to resist the Empire's gluttonous desire for your nation's location and/or resources, or whether subjected to American styled "birth pangs" of a new Middle East, living amongst the violence-riddled, security-absent, depleted uranium-infested, radioactive-filled rubble and destroyed infrastructures of Iraq, Afghanistan and recently Lebanon, now but birth pangs of death and destruction, not life and freedom, the claws of America's appetite for the lands of the Middle East are as omnipotent as they are malfeasant, an inescapable reality for millions of Arab and Muslim children such as yourself whose only crime is being born Arab in lands deemed strategic and vital to the continued expansion of the greed-mongering American Leviathan.

Over the last several decades children just like you have had to confront the all-encompassing grip of American domination in the region, some, thankfully, less than others who have not been so lucky. Directly or indirectly, your destiny has in large part been engineered by the claws of American intervention in your country, creating, in large sectors of the population, vicious cycles of endemic poverty, uneducation, misery, bitterness, resentment and a simmering longing to release, sometimes violently, boiling emotions of pent up anger, if not at America directly then at her stooges acting as leaders. It has been you, the children of the region, who have suffered the most at the hands of the Evil Empire, millions upon millions of vibrant human energies ranging in age from the recently born to those teenagers forced by circumstance and tragedy to grow old before youth disappears.

The curse upon your lands is that which they call the devil's excrement, for millions of years sitting idly below your ground, unseen, unknown and undiscovered, enormous fields of primitive energy, remaining the untapped resource that would transform the modern world in the short term and condemn Earth, along with civilization, in the long term. For one-hundred years stolen and pillaged from where you live, it has become the energy that has created untold wealth, power, comfort and hegemony to the lands of the North, yet becoming but an oasis of misery and pain for the vast majority of those who inhabit the lands where the wells of sustenance and greed of the Pax Americana flow.

It is oil, little one, that has condemned you and your people to futures beholden to the arrogant Empire from America, for black gold has become like a heroin addiction to the world, making your lands the syringe feeding comfort and wealth and greed into the veins of billions. It is the devil's excrement that makes deaf the ears of humanity to your plight; that spawns the greed that darkens and blinds the eyes of understanding; that makes your life an expendable happenstance to the powers in pursuit of securing as much control over the fields of oil that lie below your feet.

It is your lands, sweet child, harsh environs of heat and desert, inhospitable and burdensome ecosystems to the human being, yet the birthplace of civilization, home to the Fertile Crescent and the crossroads of humanity, where history began and flourished, where so much of what made the Western world flourish was first studied and discovered, where the precursor to Judaism, Christianity and Islam rose, where yesterday was born and today began, that at present is but the pumping station for yesterday's colonizers, the present's superpower and tomorrow's rising stars, where future wars will invariably be fought, over and over, for the last remaining vestiges of the black gold that has only caused you pain and suffering.

That's just part one....

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