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0825 am 'Get This' news

Summary of the KBOO am news for Friday, August 25th, 2006.
1. An Oregon gillnetter gillnetted hundreds of sturgeon - some too small some too big - way too many.
2. The Oregon Supreme Court has upheld a state law that makes it a crime to disobey a lawful order from a police officer. This reverses an appeals court ruling that said the law was so broadly written it could be applied to people attending a political rally - and it will, it will.
3. Mary Starrett, Constitution Party gubernatorial candidate, anti-abortion maven and chat show gasbag, gets to have her name on the ballot after all. This is good news because it might cock-up Ron Saxton's campaign (Which is heavily funded by out of state donors under the influence of Karl Rove and Grover Norquist.). So Mary has her uses. When her career as Spoiler is over, she can take her shoes off, retire to the kitchen and get knocked-up for all I care... )
4. Look! Up in the Sky! It's a Bird! It's a Plane... it's Astoria!: Northern Star Natural Gas has agreed to follow Clatsop county land-use rules for its proposed LNG terminal, bringing the whole accident another step toward happening.
5. KBOO's Jessica Perry reports on the Portland School Board's strange plan to borrow $2 million dollars to tear down Whitaker School.
6. Oregon's Next Monster: Biopharming is the odious practice of creating genetically modified organisms to produce medicines. And it's coming to Oregon because the once federally regulated chemical orgy is probably going to fall under State regulation.
7. A federal judge says the EPA has to do more to protect endangered species from the toxic effects of pesticides. Hear Hear!
8. Half-mAssed: A teacher in Colorado who was suspended for decorating his classroom with a colorful display of flags of the world was suspended. He got his job and his flags back - but "only when relevant to the lesson." Now that's Edumacation!
9. In Virginia, the secret Service wanted to shut down the carpool lane for the benefit of Bush's motorcade. The highway department turned them down. (Where was Bush in such a big hurry to get? He was doing a fund-raiser for Senator George 'Macaca' Allen.
10. The FDA finally did the right thing and made the 'Morning After' pill available to women over 18 without a prescription. (Women under 18 still have to get a note from GawdAllFuckingMighty.)
11. The army claims to be reviewing casualty reports on American soldiers killed in one or more of America's snake pit of war. Families have been complaining that they haven't been given accurate information.
12. A Chinese activists opposed to forced abortions has been sentenced to four years in prison (Four year in a Chinese prison is the same as 40 in human years... )
13. In the Philippine, a second attempt to impeach President Gloria Arroyo has failed.
14. Washington says that Venezuelan authorities have illegally seized and searched a diplomatic pouch destined for the US embassy in Caracas. Venezuelan authorities were looking for military hardware being flown in illegally from the US.
15. The Galapagos Islands have been invaded by eco-tourists, impoverished Ecuadorians with the predictable results. The remote islands are over run with foreign invasive species (If an 'eco-tourist' isn't a foreign invasive species', then I don't know what is...
16. Uganda's rebel Lord's Resistance Army is demanding radical changes to the countries power structure, calling for complete autonomy for their northern region under a new federal constitution. (The LRA has already achieved "complete autonomy" from sanity.. These are the guys who used drugged child soldiers who they send into battle barefoot, in underpants and armed with 'magic arrows.')
17. Sudan says that it's going to shoot UN peacekeepers - if they show up. Which is highly doubtful, considering the mayhem the US has been sewing in its path all around the world.
18. France, says, well, Okay... if Italy is going to Lebanon, then I guess we could send more troops... ...
19. Probably because Russia is standing up to Uncle Sam and refusing to vote to levy sanctions on Iran. (Iran and Russia have a 'business relationship', if you know what I mean...
20. At least these European UN peacekeepers won't have to bring their own bombs: there is abundant ordnance everywhere - for Free, too! It's just lying there all over the ground...
21. At least three Palestinian have been injured in the Gaza Strip by more Israeli air strikes on homes in a refugee camp and on Gaza City itself.
22. An Aer Lingus flight from New York, bound for Dublin was evacuated following a threat against the aircraft. (Does this remind you of that spate of freeway shootings? Once one headcase jumps the tracks, all the others are right behind him...
23. Afghan president Hamid Karzai has ordered an investigation into the killings of eight people in eastern Afghanistan during a raid. The military said it was hunting al Qaeda.
24. Nether Nether Land: India is enraged with the Netherlands for the way it handled Indian passengers from a Bombay-bound flight that6 returned to Amsterdam. The 12 men were detained for two days and then released after authorities found no evidence of any illegal activity - they just had a lot off electronic equipment...
25. These are the same airport authorities who missed the fact that the whole airport was full of chocolate bars full of psilocybin. Who brought this fascinating circumstance to their official attention? A 'hobo' who ate one of the psychedelic bars and mistook a policeman's uniform (Alas, with a policeman inside it... ) for a wedding dress. (But how do you explain the dog?)

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