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Mary Starrett Says:

I choose to comment on her statements on her website -  http://www.marystarrettforgovernor.com/
"I believe that life begins at the moment of conception. As governor, I will use my bully pulpit to speak out on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves."

"As Oregon governor I will make it a chief priority to defend gun owner's rights and promise to veto any legislation which undermines the God-given right of Oregonians to bear arms."

Hey Mary, as to the first statement, how do you know what the fetus wants to say?

As to the second statement being a God-given right, my reading of the Ten Commandments, says thou shall not kill. There is no signing statement attached talking about self-defense.

If we channel our energies into education and health-care, we will have fewer angrier folks and allow them more time to exercise their positive creativity. But to resist the, "this is just more government regulation" B.S., will take leadership which can be at odds with their constituency, but it's the right thing to do.

And unfortuately we require leadership until we are willing to be responsible for ourselves.
here she comes .....to save the day! 25.Aug.2006 12:41


What I want to hear Mary Starett say is:

"I and my Christian friends will provide food, housing, healthcare and education for all to be born children of poor mothers if they choose life for those children rather than abort. We will guarantee that support from birth to adulthood as needed, as a gesture of love".

And, I'm sure she would add in there something to the effect of, "....and our devotion to god, the son, the father, and the holy ghost", but I can forgive her for that. Just lets see her put the goods on the table before she gets to talking so big.

What to expect 25.Aug.2006 18:49

Phil Jones

If Mary Starrett ever became Governor (a highly unlikely event) you could expect to see Lon Mabon appointed as Attorney General.

RE: What to Expect 26.Aug.2006 17:08

Dan K

Actually you wouldn't, because the Attorney General is an elected position just like the Governor, Sec. of State, etc.

Mary Starrett - A REAL Conservative... 26.Aug.2006 19:20


...not one of those namby-pambies like Ron Saxton, who actually served on a public school board!

Even though I disagree with most of her views, I applaud her moxie at challenging the system and increasing the diversity of opinion out there - and think anyone conservative should consider her this fall.

mothers are poor 27.Aug.2006 11:06

because of one reason:

and that is men. Mothers are poor because fathers are dishonorable cowards who don't use their freedom to fulfill their responsibilities. Mothers don'ty have that same freedom, and that is why mothers are poor. Any conversation about poor mothers needs to focus on shitty fathers.
Other than that, I also believe that life begins at conception, and I also believe in the right to bear and to use arms.
BUT.....being that no one really knows when life begins...I do not believe that I am God and can decide these things for the masses. Therefore the only thing we can do is to leave abortion decisions in the hands of those closest to the issue....And since fathers think they can--and are allowed by patriarchial family law--to disappear when it comes to taking responsibility.....the choice to abort or not is so obviously defaults to the mother.
And, on the subject of guns, wasn't it HITLER who wanted to confiscate the people's guns, and GANDHI who believed in arming the people.....?!!!!!!!!

starrett: big talker, nothing to show for it. 27.Aug.2006 12:50


It sounds as though you feel angry and frustrated. If it's related to a personal experience with an irresponsible father, I'm sorry. Not all men are bums. but enough of them are to create big problems for everyone.

The fact remains that better ways have to be made available to provide for unborn children of parents who haven't the means to do so. When goody-two-shoes poiticians like Mary Starret start blabbing off about their great regard for the lives of unborn children, they never accompany this boasting with actual ideas and proposed policy about how to provide for children who will not be aborted. What that says to me, is that actual regard for these children, their mothers, or their fathers, by politicians such as Ms Starret, is not genuine. They're only making superficially moral upright claims like this to get the vote.

Mary Starrett wants girls to pay likes she did for getting pg. 11.Sep.2006 22:27

T. R. Wentworth

She had a baby out of wedlock and gave it up because she could not care for it. She knows that young girls are not prepared to be mothers to the unwanted children they bear.
However, she wants no one else to have it any easier than she did. She wants them to carry the pregnancy to term, to go thru the trauma, to bear an unwanted child whether by a rape or incest or a drunken date or coerced or not by a "boyfriend" After all, she went thru it so she has no sympathy for pregnant and single teens. Maybe she is self righteous and bitter and angy. Hers is a crusade based on personal demons... Supposedly 16 years later she has met and reconciled with the daughter she gave away...Maybe she feels guilty for having had her and given her away and now wants to punish others who also got pregnant without a plan. sad.