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An Extraordinary Day in Olympia

My preferred way of being in the world is optimistic but I have really been struggling these past few weeks. It becomes too easy to see the glass half empty and its contents pain and suffering. The world events easily challenge my basic sense of human decency. But yesterday was such an extraordinary day in Olympia that I am once again seeing the glass filled with light and hope. I headed downtown. As I crossed over the 5th avenue bridge, the salmon were running and the seals were there too.

I attended the weekly peace vigil at Sylvester Park at noon. Normally, there is a just a handful of people. Yesterday, the Japanese Peace Delegation joined, bringing their truth about the horrors of war to Olympia. Buddhists who traveled down from Seattle, whose drumming and chanting called for peace in the world, joined us.

Early that evening, the Citizen's Movement to Impeach Bush/Cheney held an informational meeting on How to Impeach a President. About twenty people came to the library to learn more. People are angry at what is happening to this country and the abuses of the President and Vice President.

Japenese Peace Delegation
Japenese Peace Delegation