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The Global French Revolution Has Finally Made It To America.

The Global French Revolution I have written about in the past has finally made it to the American border and crossed over into the American heartland and every corner of this Greek tragedy they call a nation.
The Global French Revolution Has Finally Made It To America.

By Lloyd Hart

The Global French Revolution I have written about in the past has finally made it to the American border and crossed over into the American heartland and every corner of this Greek tragedy they call a nation. With the Mexican ruling class kidnapping, torturing and killing the leaders of naturally rising social movements in Mexico and more immediately in the state of Oaxaca and on the heels of stealing an election nationwide with the help of the Jim-Crow white supremacists who've taken over the Republican party and the American government. After decades and centuries of torturing Mexican flesh and bone with Draconian economic structures whose latest insult was NAFTA, Mexican flesh is now overuling the part of the mind that convinces the body that the body is alone and it cannot do anything to change things. The Mexican public has had enough will no longer settle being treated like trash in Mexico or in America.

Adding to the moronic ruling class reaction in Mexico is the ultra white supremacist reaction against immigrants in America. Very quietly and seemingly under the radar local law-enforcement agencies have teamed up with the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the U.S. military and the White House to build the largest concentration camp deportation system since Nazi Europe began rounding up the Jews. Concentration camps built by Haliburton subcontracting Wacunhut Corp. (known for the construction super max prisons) for the explicit and racist purpose of deporting anyone from south of the border who does not have so-called legal status in America.

We're already seeing racist profiling against our immigrant population being legitimized by local governments across America leading to the arrest of and then handing off to the Fed individuals for deportation. And now that the data has finally been released proving beyond a shadow of doubt that the housing bubble did in deed finally burst and that it is finally being revealed that the economy has been going into the craper steadily for years America seems to be involved in a conspiracy to move all the so-called illegitimate immigrants who happened to all have brown skin out of the so-called shit jobs and back accross border in order to employ the great waves of if not already soon-to-be unemployed white folk.

Just today a construction contractor who I went to apply for work from stated to me that all his friends are having a hard time staying afloat because the Brazilian painters have undercut the painting business. So I spent some time trying to explain the Ponzi scam that Reagan, congress the Federal Reserve, the banking community and the real estate development community (and now Bush) unleashed on America in the early 1980's as the real problem inherint in our economy as apposed to the immigrants who actually sacrifice their track to become middle class by helping our economy grow.

The Reagan Ponzi Scam

Part the reason why interest rates were so high in the late 1970's was because the World War Two generation was pretty much done paying off their homes and the banks were making less and less money off of interest on loans. So when Reagan came to power he had absolutely no idea how he was going to make the economy boom. But the bankers who unofficially control Federal Reserve Bank knew exactly how to make the economy boom, create a Ponzi scam that will in turn release all the equity out of the properties owned by the World War Two generation by simply artificially increasing the value of that equity causing a massive sell off of the World War Two generations financial heritage they built up in their homes.

This scam became so successful that Reagan convinced Congress to deregulate the savings and loan banks so that bankers that owned a savings and loan could also don a second hat that of a real estate developer and then lend themselves money to let's say build condominiums in Florida. Unfortunately, like the Ponzi scam of the 1920's as people kept on selling off their family's financial heritage the investor class bought in to this scam causing it to radical increase in the price of real estate which overtime radically increased the amount of people that could not buy back in and when the market became saturated with real estate product and there weren't enough people buying back in order to keep the scam going the cash flow in our economy ground to a halt exposing the savings-and-loan or S&L crisis and then crashed the stock market in 1987.

It was at this point that free-trade became popular with the ruling class in America. "Ah yes", they must have said to themselves"Lets go to Canada and steal millions of high-paying union jobs from the Canadians and all the cheap resources we get our hands on and put those jobs and the factories that came with them in Southern right to work states (or better known as low-wage states) where union organizing goes to die and we'll call it a free-trade. We'll get the Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney to swear on a stack of Bibles in front of the Canadian public in an election year that he won't sign the free trade deal so he can get reelected but of course after the election he'll turn around and sign the free-trade deal anyway." Which did it actually happen after the Canadian election in 1988. The U.S./Canadian free trade deal actually signed away sovereign control of all of Canada's energy resources into the hands of the U.S. government giving the U.S. veto power over how Canada could sell its energy resources abroad. And 10 million jobs and factories that came with them moved to the low-wage South.

While all this was happening in the 1980's there was also a so-called immigration crisis then to and a racist reaction to it when the economy failed in the late eighties. Fenses were built along the border and there was clamoring for the immigration laws to be enforced. But back then there was a great deal more political balance and the American plantation owners knew cheap labor when they saw it. So the only thing they could get out of the Congress was an amnesty plan for so-called illegal immigrants.

After the crash of the Ponzi scam in 1987 the American public found themselves ripped off, broke and severely underemployed and a very quiet under the radar purge of our brown skinned immigrant community occured. In 1990 I came to America leaving behind a destroyed Canadian economy in search of work in what I discovered to be a destroyed American economy. I did however find work albeit at a very low wage but was probably preferred because I was white.

The Bush Ponzi Scam

So here we are, once again, just like Reagan Bush didn't really know how to create our real economy so he created another Ponzi scam after his daddy used the dirt that he had on Alan Greenspan forcing Greenspan to ratchet up short-term interest rates to competely out of step highs and then having Greenspan say disparaging remarks in public about one of the best economies America has built in a century creating the illusion that the tech industry was somehow hinged on overpriced Dot coms (which ended up having much farther reaching consequences to the economy then was intended. Not that they care, the Bush Gang will never feel it). All this so George Dubya in the spring of 2000 in the middle of an election year can say "the Clinton economy is slowing down its time for the change."

This time however the Jim-Crow South that took over the Republican Party formed a partnership with corporate America in order to steal elections and artificially create a white supremacist government in a time when the will of the people is clearly in the opposite direction. The terrible irony of the Republican Party today is that it was corporate America in the 1850's that formed a partnership with the abolitionists to end slavery when it was discovered by the Northern mill owners that the plantation South was going to begin manufacturing processes mostly seen in the north using slave labor. The Northern mill owners would not be able to compete against such enterprises so together with the abolitionists created the Republican Party and drafted Lincoln to run for the presidency.

The reason I mention the history of slavery is simply because when America mutated the plantation economy in the South into the share croper economy most of America's capitalists were already involved in the creation of an American sponsored plantation economy in South and Central America and Asia. Which enslaved millions with the same racial subjugation economically as slavery but without actually saying so on paper the way legalized slavery said so in America.

In the 1990's I was totally blown away when the Clinton administration was attempting to sell the diseased mutant of free trade, NAFTA as a means by which to stem the tide of illegal immigration ( immigrants who, by the way were running from the American sponsored plantation economy in South and Central America that was being brutally enforced by violent, murderers fascist American sponsored regimes) into America by creating jobs in Mexico for Mexicans and of course later the rest of South and Central America. Which actually translated into those Canadian jobs being moved out of the low-wage South into the even more low-wage don't provide any housing or water or electricity or any services at all for your workforce living in shanty shacks around your brand new airconditioned factories. Which only insured your workforce would come to work just to get out of the heat. But of course the majority of workers that got these so called NAFTA jobs south of the border found themselves working in unventilated sweatshops only comparable to the sweatshops of the beginning of the 20th-century in America.

So NAFTA did not stem the tide and the immigrants kept coming simply because American hegemony of South and Central America, Asia and Africa was never designed or intended by America's leaders for anything but the wholesale rape of the global south's economic heritage. America now cosumes 40 percent of the world's resources yet is only 4 percent of the world's population.

But once again the American economy is failing and "illegal immigrant" has become racist code in a discussion that is purely racist at its core as it is directed wholly and completely at all of those folks who've come from south of the border. The concentration camps U.S. government is building are in the desert on the door step of that southern border and the American corporate media is playing right along with Jim Crow Congress who is pretending like this unwritten deportation policy doesn't exist.

But that's OK America, you're just putting out fire with gasoline fanning the flames of a Global French Revolution that is about to send the Mexican ruling class running across the border into America where their immigration status will be rubber-stamped and they will be handed their green cards and where they will be greeted by their fellow country men and women and in some cases children who they forced out of Mexico in the first place who will clean their houses and cut their grass and pick their vegitables until they are arrested and deported and replaced by white folk.

Here is the global warming angle:

It was just recently reported that one-third of the world's population are suffering water shortages and of course most of these water shortages are in the world's poorest nations where the transnational global agricultural business has no regard for how much water they draw from the ground to grow the food that gets shipped to America, Europe and now China. However the majority of the shortages the evidence shows are created by climate change which has created super high and low pressure systems that leaves large populations living in drought or flooded conditions both of which of course are not conducive to human survival regardless.

The fact that this unwritten racist immigration policy that is floating underneath the radar of most Americans is so advanced to be building actual concentration camps tells me that this must be the fortress America phase of the plan that militarily takes over the Middle East supply of the light sweet crude which is the fastest and cheapest oil to process which America is completely running out of but which the U.S. military requires in order to fuel fighter jets, transport planes, humvees and trucks and ships so America can militarily control where and how the global population is going to starve to death and succumb to global warming catastrophe which of course is all being disguised as the phony U.S. sponsored war on terror.

It is sheer idiocy for the ruling class in America to believe that there is a military solution to immigration/globalwarming. People will move to find food and water and of course prosperity. I've never understood the mentality of those who think that prosperity is only for those that rule. I've always viewed those folks as being mentally ill and in need of treatment. Immigration is a natural process because humanity is naturally curious and naturally opportunistic and naturally adventurous and most importantly naturally welcoming.

What will you do America when there are hundreds of millions of refugees as a result of the consequences global warming? Will you nuke them if they come to close your border? Will you spray them with poison gas if they cross your border? If you are building deportation concentration camps now what will you do, you who consumes 40 percent of the world's resources when those refugees need our help? What will you do when the crisis prevents you from getting at 40 percent of the world's resources? Will you react violently as you always have reacted in the past? Or will you finally grow up and become a civilized nation and come to the world with a civil answer to the crisis we are now in as opposed to the violent military phony war on terror answer you have thus far delivered?

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