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3 Washington State Supreme Court Judges

On September 19, 2006, Washington State will hold a primary election. There are nine Supreme Court positions and three of them are on the ballot.

"If a judicial candidate receives more than 50% of the primary election votes for a contested position, that candidate will appear on the November ballot without opposition; the primary will effectively determine the final outcome. Because many judicial elections involve only two candidates, this means that many races will be finally determined in the September 19 primary election, and voters who do not vote for judges in the primary election will have no voice in selecting those judges."

The website at www.votingforjudges.org is available for use. It is a nonpartisan source of judicial evaluation information for appellate court candidates running for office in the primary.

At this site, a voter can click on "my elections" and find out which judge positions are on the ballot. Some have appellate, district and superior court and all will vote for the three Supreme Court justices.

A person can view campaign contribution information for each candidate.

Judges play a crucial role in our cities and states and their decisions affect us all. I believe many strongly overlook researching these particular candidates and so I am advocating for voters to get thoroughly involved in making informed choices.