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TODAY: Portland Forum Confronts Misuse of Religion in Politics and Provides Practical Solutions

With congressional races heating up in Oregon and around the country, there is a lot of pressure for candidates to "look more religious," or to "talk more about faith." Meanwhile religious leaders want to help get out the vote, but need help navigating the fine line
between civic participation and partisan political activity.

How can the often divisive use of religion in politics be harnessed instead to promote diversity and strengthen our democracy? The Interfaith Alliance is dedicated to providing the very answers to that question.

The Interfaith Alliance is kicking off it's One Nation, Many Faiths, Vote 2006 program in Portland on August 23, 2006 at The Benson Hotel located at 309 SW Broadway. There will be issue trainings and skills building workshops as well as an evening town hall meeting to teach activists, religious leaders and candidates the skills they need to challenge religious political extremism, encourage civic participation, and promote religious liberty.

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