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Hispanic / Latino Day workers Harassed in Cornelious,Oregon

Legislative Aide to Oregon State Senator Gordly,Sean Cruz
had a Gentleman Speak at the PPB Chief's 3rd Monday Forum Members....
A Hispanic Dayworker from the Cornelius ,Oregon Area voiced serious concerns about the presence of Demonstrators at the location in which dayworkers go to for the hopes of daily work.

The crowd of demonstrators with huge banner in tow,yells out all the usual retoric about the day workers taking away American Jobs,and calling them all the racist names re-lated to Hispanic/latino ...and staying in there face
and showing up day after day to harass them.

They try to get fights started, however the dayworkers do maintain being uninvolved.
They are starting to be more fearful because it it getting biggeras the demonstrators are bringing in re-inforcments.
The speaker stated, "that we just want to go to work and take care of our Familys just like any other American does."

The Police have come a few times, however can't stay all the time.

if someone wants to get involved in a counter protest/carpool, I have his contact, or you could contact Sean Cruz at the Senator's Portland Office.
I gave him Jobs with Justice Contact info.
hanks for your concern on this matter