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City Repair Metapoesis report?

What finally happened with the Metapoesis event?
There was a bunch of posts weeks ago about controversy surrounding the build up to the Metaopoesis festival that City Repair was going to hold in Mosier August 3-7.


I haven't seen anything since then. Could someone from City Repair or Mosier or someone who attended please tell the rest of us what happened? I'm curious if the conflict was resolved and how the event went.
Thank you 21.Aug.2006 23:41

Earth friend

I read all the postings on the event, which I wasn't able to find before, and I am frankly astonished and horrified by all the excuses coming from CR, Mark Lakeman, and Toby Hemenway for their destructive activities. ML kissed each tree before he buzzed it down? How sweet! The land needed to be terraced? It needed a new road cut into it? Perhaps a major case of poison oak in the crotch area would teach them a lesson. I am amazed at the patience and forgiveness from the Mosier community for this imbecilic behavior. Have the CR folks learned by now that the best thing we can do to the land we encounter is to leave it alone?

Your comment on Metapoesis 08.Sep.2006 22:09

Gwen Boucher gwenbchr@yahoo.com

Your doing a lot of lashing out. Were you ever there? Do you know the ultimate goal. Did you think that those who did the work meant harm? I wonder if you got the stuff to stand with me face to face on the site and be so obnoxious?

Gwen Boucher