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Tea Party at the Hague

Is the Hague court a joke or have we just lost our sense of perspective? The latest indiscriminate slaughter of children and innocent civilians in Lebanon by 'God's chosen' seems not to warrant the attention of the Hague court. Carla Del Ponte's latest remonstration against the Serbian leadership for not delivering war criminals to her court seems 'slightly' dissociative in view of recent events. Her obsession with Serbs now borders on the pathological. Would the civilian death toll in Iraq warrant her attention? Iraq now approaches one hundred thousand innocent civilian deaths - eighty percent directly attributable to the forces of occupation!
The world is not blind to selective 'justice'. To date, Henry Kissinger maintains his status as the last unapprehended mass murderer of the twentieth century; his appalling effort numbers in the millions. Kissinger is 'up there' with Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot - he is not difficult to locate, Carla!

What are we to think when Del Ponte ignores Kissinger's 'workmanship' in Indo China, when is a war crime not a war crime, Carla? The credibility of the entire western alliance is at stake. Failure to respond to blatant war crimes sends the wrong message to the people, they may lose their respect for authority and fear of the Law; western society may slide into 'anarchy', and we wouldn't want that! At least pretend you are offended by the actions of Israel and the USA in Lebanon, Iraq and Guantanamo Bay.

Some credibility is required if the western alliance is to continue to pour scorn on the legal systems of enemy regimes, you are letting the side down, Carla! But if your plan was exposure of the thoroughly partial, corrupt and extremely biased nature of the western legal system, then we salute you! Your efforts have borne fruit, the whole world is now able to plainly see the corrupt mechanism that is the Hague court! Carla Del Ponte, you will go down in history as either totally incompetent, thoroughly corrupt or a genius in the art of political exposure. We thank you for verifying the appalling double standards, bias and corruption of the western legal system.

Today the blindfolded face of western justice has its mouth wide open and traces of sperm on its lips.

What a perfect farce; we suggest that all western Attorney Generals keep a handkerchief or tissue 'at the ready'.

The people are not deceived; the Hague now stands as a monument to the hypocrisy, ineptitudes, double standards and corruption of western regimes.
source 22.Aug.2006 06:36


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