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Anti-Columbus Day action, October 9, 2006. Indigenous People's Day: Shout-out to RADICAL WOMEN OF COLOR to come together and stand in solidarity with Indigenous People.
"...from 1494...to 1508, over three million people perished from war,
slavery and the mines. Who in future generations will believe this?"

*Fray Bartolome las Casas, witness to the ethnic cleansing of the Carribean

Columbus did not 'discover' america, he invaded america...how can one discover something that was never lost in the first place?? Let's begin planning now for an action that will NOT mark a commemoration of genocide and the savagery of 'civilization,' but will instead reafirm our identity and survival against the black hand of imperialist colonialism that continues to this day.

If you are interested in organizing a teach in, protest or other actions or have resources to offer for October 9 Indigenous People's Day, mail us and/or check here or go to molotovmojada.blogspot.com for updates.

"...[the Cholulas] gave the spaniards banners of gold...they were like monkey's running their fingers over the gold and held it high...then there rose a cry from the spainiards for all warriors and common folk to gather in the courtyard. The spainiards blocked the entrances and exits. There followed a butchery of stabbing, beating and killing...Mothers ran their hands over their small son's heads. 'Woe, beloved sons, how can you live through what is in store for you? How can what we fear be happening in out lifetime?' "

*Aztec chronicler on the Massacre at Cholula (Mexico)

homepage: homepage: http://molotovmojada.blogspot.com

Solidarity 22.Aug.2006 17:00

Tanya Yellowhair

Right on. As long as the colonization by the most imperialist nation in the world affects people of color, those of privilage must stand in solidarity to break the stranglehold that we have helped create.

See you in the streets.