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New doc says Escape to Canada

Escape to Canada, a new doc says the United States is only the neighbour of the land of the free.
Escape to Canada, a new documentary opening this week at the Clinton Street theater says Canada has become the new "land of the free" while America flounders under Bush. A remarkable and entertaining look at Americans fleeing to Canada for freedom.


Huh? 21.Aug.2006 13:27

Den Mark, Vancouver

Maybe the doc was made BEFORE stephen harper became pm. The guy's another bush or blair. He's a frickin' jerk.

our hope for years to come 21.Aug.2006 18:55

demandside marc mbatko@lycos.com

We can be internationalistas or cascadians - at least in our imaginations!
Maybe all forms of resistance can share in shaming the US into the world of nations!
Confusing offense and defense, responsibility and corruption, the US is harvesting the bitter fruits of military over-reach and market fundamentalism. The market is not a self-healing panacea where all problems are only interferences with the invisible hand. The market is a tool helpful after political questions are answered: what kind of society do we want? how can human dignity be protected? If education, health care, housing and water are rights and not privileges, the state must defend these public goods. We need a caring state, not a punishing state and an economy for the people, not a disciplining neoliberalism that worships profit.
King George thinks the 40 million without health care have chosen their plight. May the war for his father's grudge not lead us into mission impossible, a quagmire that devours our wealth and encourages the police state!
O Canada, our shelter from the stormy blast and our eternal home! The mosaic works; people listen and respect one another at least in Vancouver.
Only pride and myopia prevent the US from seeing Canada as a friend and teacher. Unfortunately the corporate elite is only seeking markets, not teachers or friends. To the corporate zealot, Canada is just a vast country without TacoBell! Selective perception like instant history and prejudice are stepping stones to understanding.
We must learn the lessons from Vietnam, Nicaragua, Iraq and 9/11 and combat the effects of blowback and credit-based prosperity. Former Canadian prime minister Jean Chritien said the West was "arrogant, greedy and self-absorbed." He learned that lesson from 9/11.


escape to kanada 21.Aug.2006 22:18

eager beaver

prime minister harper is a yorkie lapdog of bush, fortunately not expected to last long with all the body bags comin back from afghanistan. he is a rubber stamp of bushco, bought and paid for. our mountie police actively cooperate with fbi, dea etc. yea so come to vancouver for some bc bud, but really it's just la north lite.

Canada no utopia 22.Aug.2006 10:07

The Who

I've debated moving to Canada a lot, but despite a more socialized system, it is definitely no liberal utopia. Some of the "hate crime" legislation proposed to stifle dissent in the US already exists up there. Let's say you write an article and pull a Mel Gibson, saying Jews are responsible for all the wars. That can get you arrested in Canada, believe it or not.