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The chapter of Hezballah will come to an end.

People just do not uderstand Hezballah
There was a quote from a Lebanese person saying, "When we got bombed in Beirut, we were saying, "why are they bombing us, we are not Hezballah". But now we say, "We are all Hezballah now."

They do not understand Hezballah either. Yes, Hezballah did great many awesome deeds for the people of southern Lebanon which was neglected by the Lebanese government, humanitarian help, educational help etc. But it has to do with Israel's occupation. If Israel withdrawals from even Selba Farms, then there is no occupation, hence Hezballah will not be a military force for that is Hezballah's whole reason for being. They will be the ones who help the people in Southern Lebanon rebuild their Holmes and lives, but eventually, they will have no purpose for being. That does not mean that is Israel was to cause war once again Hezballah would not once again organize to keep the Zionist at bay, and quickly. And it is not a bad or sad thing, Hezballah has just almost accomplished what they set out to do years ago, a victory.

And please remember that the actions of the Terrorist and rogue State of Israel do not have the backing of all Jews. There are more Jews that are peaceful then there are Zionists.
Not the full picture 21.Aug.2006 10:59


Hezballah is also a political party. It is much like the IRA in Ireland in recent years: it has a political wing as well as a military wing. As long as the Israeli army is nearby, much like the British army in Ireland, I would be very wary of laying down my weapons until my political power was firmly entrenched.

Your more important point, that not all Jews are Zionists, and in fact that most Jews are not Zionists, is spot on.