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0821 am 'Get This' news

Summary of the KBOO am news for Monday, August 21st, 2006.
1. The Oregon DEQ wants PGE to reduce mercury emissions. PGE wants to trade energy credits. Conservationists point out that selling credits would merely let PGE make more money from controlling pollution that it should be cutting back anyway.
2. Despite the fact that Oregon has biomass to burn, the State still hasn't been able to get its biomass on. It sounds like a good idea but supporters say they are going to use "forest thinning" to get at this biomass.
3. Developer David Kahn wants to take a slice of beautiful - and wine-producing - Yamhill County and turn it into a $1,000 dollar a night resort. County officials have rolled back land use law and approved the plans to rezone agricultural land for the hotel.
4. Out of work fishermen have stopped pissing and moaning about the guv'mint regulating fishing and started working on salmon habitat restoration.
5. Clastsop county officials say the proposed Bradwood LNG terminal are trying to by-pass local governments in getting approval for the deadly little project. The LNG people say they are trying to find out if federal law - that would be Bush, Inc. - trump State law.
6. A Republican is trying to get Mary Starrett knocked off the November ballot. The complaint alleges that Starrett violated state election law by failing to file a notice in a general circulation newspaper announcing the party's nominating convention.
7. State Republican Representative John Lim of Gresham has been dipping into the old cookie jar. Lim is accused of violating ethics laws by using taxpayers' money to fly around the country doing his own business and not theirs.
8. The Oregon News Service has a story: Smith & Wyden have to get their Mt. Hood wilderness bill passed this year or it is going to have a rough road through next year's lame duck Congress. (Though you can bet your ass no matter what happens to the bill it is going to be used to pull votes come November... doesn't really even need to pass, if you think about it... )
9. Moose are moving into Oregon from Idaho. Welcome moose! With any luck they'll crowd out the resort developers from California.
10. Cindy Sheehan & Co. wrecked a reception for Karl Rove in Austen, Texas. (Oh, Karl, what were you thinking? It's Austen; if it hadn't been Sheehan, it would have been any number of other progressive-minded people plus their indy band members... )
11. Bush and his cronies talked big about rebuilding New Orleans, but very little ahs actually been done. Residents there would like to plant their city's new "smaller footprint " squarely up the ass of FEMA. Reconstruction has been a feast for contractors and a famine for the poor.
12. Military recruiters have once again made the headlines (Not in America, of course.) by routinely molesting female recruits. (I can see it now: Be All You Can Be: humiliated and possibly raped..)
13. Arms makers and The Arms Dealers Who Love Them have been... wait for it... making a killing ever since 9/11 lit fear on fire. The cost of armaments has gone through the ceiling because demand is hitting new highs.
14. Because, says the Congressional Budget Office, "Staying The Course" is going to cost a lot of money.
15. In California, it looks like The Governator is going to get another term.
16. Send In The Spies: The MBAs running the show that is America, have named a special "manager" for its spy operations in Cuba and Venezuela, effectively including the two Latin American nations on the "axis of evil" shit list. (Otherwise known as "targets") War, natural disasters, disease, its all business and business is good if you are on the management side... )
17. The San Onofre, California is leaking radioactive tritium into the ground water and what is being done about it? Experts are studying where the stuff is coming from and whether it is not radioactive. (I kid you not.)
18. A federal judge, Reggie Walton has ordered that Scooter Libby can't have a peek at certain classified documents from the CIA. And neither can special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald. The few documents that the Company did provide are heavily redacted versions or "summaries".
19. Bush held a news conference this morning. He stumbled through an irrational, amoral rant (No doubt concocted by Dick- 'dick' - Cheney and Karl Rove) defending his bloodthirsty support of Israel's most recent celebration of raw aggression, duplicitous violation of international law, and utter disregard for the lives of everyone other than Israelis. While the world loitered around the water cooler trying to avoid eye contact with Gawd...
20. And case in point: Israel immediately violated the ceasefire. And then today terrorized Lebanese civilians by buzzing the country in low-flying warplanes.
21. But wait! There's more! Israel also got busy with the Palestinians. (And they still wonder why their neighbors in the Middle East seem to hate them... ). In Ramallah yesterday, the IDF seized another West Bank lawmaker. Almost all of the legally elected Hamas leadership in now clenched in Israel's bloody fist.
22. Amid all this carnage and shredding of international law, the Lebanese government is still begging the world to keep the ceasefire in place. But in Tel Aviv, this attack was always just business as usual.
23. Baghdad is 'Back To Normal' (That's a sort of joke, y'see... ) today after snipers fired on Shia pilgrims at the Shrine of Imam Moussa Kadhim. ( Did I mention that the Imam himself was killed by his Sunni captors in AD 799? Well he was.)
24. In Italy there have been a couple of strange deaths deserving of attention. Two experts on wiretapping who were investigating the CIA kidnapping of the Egyptian cleric Abu Omar. Suicide, you know...
25. The Frenchwoman who is going to have Jacques Chirac's head on plate (What I mean is she is likely to win the up-coming election) , Segolene Royal has this to say; "The main factor in destabilizing the world is poverty - it's the gaps opening up, the humiliation of those who are rejected and who are pushed to violence or who allow the downtrodden to be manipulated." Run, Royal, Run!!!!

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