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Back by popular demand .....FREE PEACE SIGN STICKERS

Want peace ? Show it ...let others know they arent alone !
Free high-quality vinyl peace sign stickers ! These are made by patriotic Americans that are doing all we can think of to help "We The People" get out country back !! Got a color preference ? We will try to accomodate . Want to donate to the cause ? That is always welcome ! Any $$ we receive goes into more stickers or freeway blogging signs ! Send a self-addressed , stamped envelope to : Sticker Offer 19754 McKillop Rd. N.E. Scotts Mills Oregon 97375
pass out video files 21.Aug.2006 18:02


Of you want to give people something that will help make a difference, download your favorite videos and audios from the web and pass them out where ever you go. There are a lot of multimedia files that can be downloaded at: http://www.supportthetruth.com Pick your favorite topic and make a cd or dvd compilation. These can also be used when Freedom To Fascism hits the theaters. I have been working on an audio cd compilation that people can play on the way home from the theaters. Once people get exposed to the truth they'll hunger for more, be ready to put them in the right direction!! This could be the crack in the information dam that will bring the lies tumbling down and build an irreversible momentum to bring power back to the people.