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Waco:The Rules of Engagement

Continuing our monthly movie night and community forum, we will be showing
"Waco:Rules of Engagement" Monday, August 21st at 7pm at the Red and Black Cafe, 2138 SE Division.
"Waco:Rules of Engagement" is a 1997 docuementary about the murder of 74 men, women
and children at the hands of our government. This powerful film documents the
events which led up to the Waco massacre as well as how the massacre itself happened
using the footage from inside the Branch Davidian compound along with the footage
from the US federal agents who murdered them.

As always, a community forum will follow the video showing to discuss the movie and
how it relates to our lives, our struggle and the state of imperialism today.

Also as per usual, this event is free. Donations will be accepted but nobody will
be turned away for a lack of funds.

WARNING: This is an extremely powerful documentary and it is NOT recommended for
young children.
Everybody needs to see that... 20.Aug.2006 16:16

free human being

If you have not seen this documentary, YOU NEED TO SEE IT. Especially people who are still not believers that the government can and does create conspiracies. ATF, FBI, it has it all. You will be shocked when you discover the extent of the cover-up and how much you have been lied to about Waco, Texas. It is an eye-opener.

I recommend people to actually buy a copy and use it to show it to people who are still doubtful about the mass media's and the government's involvement in conspiring against it's own people and about forging fake evidence to prosecute and even kill its own citizens, even if they are just kids.

Don't believe it?... you can see it with your own eyes. This documentary was shown once on HBO when it first came out. Then it was not allowed to be shown again on TV.