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GMO Disease Epidemics: (14) Mad Cow Disease??

Genetic Engineering (GE,GM,GMOs) is a nightmare technology that has already caused MANY disease epidemics -- documented but unpublicized. This is the 14th in a series revealing the epidemics, dealing here with the possibility that Mad Cow Disease resulted primarily from genetically-engineered cattle feed.

Myron (Mike) Stagman, PhD
Concerned Citizens Information Network
www.ccin.info (environmental website)
email: artemesium@gmail.com


(14) Mad Cow Disease??

I. The Face of Frankenstein's Monster

Genetic Engineering Biotechnology (GE, GM, GMOs) evades Evolution's safeguards by injecting genes of one species into a totally unrelated species, something impossible in Nature.

GM evades Evolution's safeguards, and may therefore give rise to PATHOGENS that can -- and HAVE, many times -- caused crippling and deadly DISEASE EPIDEMICS -- documented but unpublicised.

Genetic Engineering is also ideal for developing horrific biological and other military weapons --- sufficient cause to OUTLAW GM.

The Greatest Racket in History (Listen to this !): ---

GM contamination is virulent, spread by wind, bird, insect, animals and travelling human beings. Co-Existence with GM is completely impossible, only fools or liars would say differently.

GM has contaminated crops in areas of North America which dwarf the UK and even Western Europe. Planetary contamination is inevitable, if We don't stop it.

The Biotechnology corporations know oh-so-well how contamination spreads and spreads and spreads.

Now get this: Through their political influence, these Corporations have been able to acquire the obscene, sacrilegious, and indeed revolutionary PATENTS on LIFE-FORMS.

Before these revolutionary Patents on Life, a farmer could have sued -- successfully without any doubt -- the Biotechnology corporation for having contaminated, poisoned his crops.

However, given these Patents on Life (here, on the seeds), the Corporation can -- and DOES, successfully -- sue the victimised farmer for (Hold your nose) "infringement of patent".

[Our tainted, corrupted political systems allow this monstrosity.]

Thus the formula the reader might keep in mind:
GM Contamination + Patents on Life-Forms equals Corporate Ownership Rights in the crops of victimised farmers.

This formula spells the serfdom and ruin of all small family farmers on this planet. (They are the majority of the population in Asia, Africa, and Latin America).

The Chemical-Drug-Biotechnology syndicate and its Enforcers (corrupted governments in the West and Third World, corporation-dominated organisations like the WTO, World Bank, IMF) have started a WORLDWIDE AGRICULTURAL REVOLUTION.

They want to destroy small family farming, and have only gigantic Corporate GM Plantations with farmers working as serfs.

[This process is underway, especially in South America where the U.S. Military has begun to intervene on behalf of GM Plantations to crush farmer opposition.]

Already, according to the Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology (RFSTE) in New Delhi, 40,000 farmers in India have committed suicide primarily as a result of the Corporate Enforcers' so-called "free trade" policies --- dumping heavily-subsidised Western farm produce onto glutted Indian markets, pushing GM crops, insisting that Patents on Life-Forms be accepted so farmers must sign contracts with GM Corporations and can no longer save seeds, etc.

The Greatest Racket in History --- GM Contamination + Patents on Life-Forms equals Corporate Proprietary Rights in the crops of victimised farmers, and spells the serdom and ruin of small family farmers everywhere on this planet.

(e.g. No more organic, healthy food --- you and your children will only be able to eat unsafe GM)

See the Action Plan in Part III designed to OUTLAW GM and PATENTS on LIFE-FORMS.
But beforehand, read the next in our series of "GMO Disease Epidemics".

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Genetically-Engineered (??) Mad Cow Disease

Question: Was Mad Cow Disease in important part caused by Genetically-Engineered Animal Feed, especially animal parts from American cows injected with the genetically-engineered Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH, rBST)?

It is generally believed that animal -- cow and also sheep -- parts given as cheap protein feed to cattle were principally responsible for the catastrophic Mad Cow Disease.

It was rather shocking to find that the disease could jump species, to human beings, and kill.

Reflect for a moment that Genetic Engineering is designed to jump species.

And now read about rBGH, recombinant (genetically engineered) Bovine Growth Hormone.

I ask: Was this genetically-engineered bovine growth hormone, having caused serious diseases in cows whose carcasses were then chopped into feed, the principal cause of Mad Cow Disease?

The GM cattle growth hormone, rBGH (or rBST), for which Monsanto received Food and Drug Administration approval despite the opposition of FDA scientists, poses serious risks of breast cancer, colon cancer, and prostate cancer.
[The chief authority here is the research of Dr. Samuel Epstein, medical doctor and professor of environmental and occupational medicine at the University of Illinois at Chicago's School of Public Health.]
This growth hormonehas beenwidely employed in the U.S.and infested American dairy supplies nearly a decadebefore it was formally approved by the FDA, and this approval was given, it bears repeating, in spite of FDA scientists disapproving the hormone.

In practice, according to scientific evidence, rBGH has been shown to causenumerous serious detrimental effects on the cow, and to be potentially carcinogenic.These effects include mastitis, lesions in the thorax, speeding up of circulation, reduced weight, proliferation of cells in the gut which may lead to tumors, etc.

The animal sufferingcaused bythis unnecessary hormone is simply inexcusable.
Prof. Epstein has written: "GE milk is entirely different from natural milk: nutritionally, biochemically, pharmacologically and immunologically. It is also contaminated with pus and antibiotics used to treat mastitis, high levels of the GE hormone, and high levels of the naturally occurring growth factor IGF-1.

"Elevated levels of IGH-1 in GE milk have been strongly associated with high risks of colon, breast and prostate cancers, besides promoting their invasiveness. (emphasis added)
"However, in spite of such well-documented scientific evidence, the FDA still authorized the sale and marketing of GE milk in 1984, while blocking any labeling.

"In contrast, both Canada and Europe have banned the sale of GE milk. The USA is now isolated in the reckless and unscientific insistence on the safety of GE milk."
[Find extensive coverage of the rBGH issue, including the blatant 'irregularities' , malfeasances and non-feasances involving industry, government, and media in the fine book, Seeds of Deception: Exposing Corporate and Government Lies about the Safety of Genetically Engineered Food by Jeffrey M. Smith.
{For instance, "The Ottawa Citizen [October 23, 1998] reported the scene this way: 'The senators sat dumbfounded as Dr. Margaret Haydon told of being in a meeting when officials from Monsanto, Inc., the drug's manufacturer, made an offer of between $1 and $2 million to the scientists from Health Canada --- an offer that she told the senators could only have been interpreted as a bribe.'" (Smith, p. 75)
{"But not all the data made its way into the hands of the FDA. According to Burroughs [veterinarian Richard Burroughs, "who had a lead role in the review process of rBGH], cows that developed infections of the udder, for example, were often dropped from the study, skewing the studies' conclusions.

{While the FDA and Monsanto said that they saw only a handful of cows develop udder infections, documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act revealed that9,500 cows from 500 farms were infected. In addition to omissions of data, dubious statistics were applied that further masked the drug's effects." (Smith, p. 78)}
The European Union has placed a ban on rBGH, so closely associated is it with "human breast cancer cell growth" (European Journal ofCancer, vol. 29A, no. 16,1993, pp. 2273-2279; and the Lancet, vol. 351,, no., 9113, 1998,pp.1393-1396), "prostate cancer risk" (Science, vol. 279, January 23, 1998).

Well? What about Mad Cow Disease? Could the unfortunate cows, being fed rBGH-diseased parts of cattle carcasses, have developed Mad Cow Disease as a result?

Don't ask for a government-designated 'independent inquiry'. The proverbial cows will come home before you get one.
Independent scientists and researchers, how about doing some testing and thinking?

- - - - - - - - - - -

III. Conclusion and What To Do

Human beings and Nature, as we have known them, cannot survive in a GMO-Frankenstein world.

The nightmare technology of Genetic Engineering Biotechnology, and its incestuous Patents on Life-Forms, must be OUTLAWED.

How To Do It?

There is only one way to overcome this extremely powerful, ruthless Corporation-Government-corporate Mass Media axis.

It is to conduct grassroots Public Education Campaigns to educate and politically activate the General Public, university / college students in particular.

The General Public !! Stop forever talking to the Converted. To get around the corporate media's suppression and distortion of truth, one must talk to people and go door-to-door with leaflets and vocal messages.
And major efforts must be made to inform and activate university students.

Important Hints:

(1) Concentrate on university students.

And senior citizens.

I speak to you now, elder citizens like myself. Put moral purpose into your lives and help rescue this planet and your grandchildren.

(2) AVOID NGOs and all established organisations, especially large ones. They are not what they seem.

Their hierarchies and decision-making are corporation-influenced if not outright purchased.

Never ever join them. Never ever give them Money.

[see George Monbiot's very important article in The Guardian, 4 September 2001, "Sleeping with the Enemy: Consumer and Environmental Groups are Getting into Bed with Big Corporations]

[Note: In developing countries there are some exceptions, but very very very few in the West. If by a miracle one of them ever conducts a genuine and sensible public education campaign, then you can help out. But NEVER join or give money to them.]

The environmental field especially is riddled with
wealthy, prestigious, deceptive organisations adept at dilutng and derailing environmental causes, GM in particular.

[I am thinking at this moment of one such organisation I have observed over a long period of time, in my view a very slick and dangerous FOE of environmentalism, originally created by polluting Corporations to deal with the growing environmental movement.
Don't go anywhere near this one.]

When they talk about being 'practical' and seeking 'Coexistence' with GM, let a red flag go up.

Nothing short of OUTLAWING GENETIC ENGINEERING and PATENTS ON LIFE-FORMS will save us and our planet.

Do your educational work as individuals or in small groups of people you know.

In a little of your SPARETIME (perhaps 3 or 4 hours a week, but regularly, as part of an ethical life-style):

Educate and activate the Public by writing and telephoning and just talking to your family members, friends and acquantances;

Write letters and make telephone calls to local, regional and national media

Write, call and especially visit your legislative representatives and other government personnel, and

Take appropriate Direct Action.

homepage: homepage: http://www.ccin.info