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Ceasefire Violated: The Nature of the Beast

Most people are familiar with the popular tales of the half-dead venomous snake that bit the man who saved its life and the scorpion that stung the frog that ferried it (on its back) away from floodwaters that threatened to drown it. Both stories share a similar moral; the beast remains true to its nature regardless of noble, humanitarian, mitigating factors - serpents will always strike and scorpions will always sting, regardless!
The excuse Israel offers the world for its flagrant violation of the ceasefire is that the UN resolution allows for the prevention of any military supplies reaching Hezbollah from Syria or Iran. However, in the present circumstances it is simply impossible to verify the type (and immediate source) of targeted 'supplies'. In the absence of hard evidence the world remains extremely cynical regarding the veracity of any statement that issues from Israel or Hezbollah.

The simple response to Israel's flagrant breach is to disarm all warring parties. The rushed delivery of bunker-busters from the U.S. during the conflict should be surrendered and UN forces should prevent any future military support from the U.S. All warring parties must be disarmed. There is no such thing as a one-sided peace!

The world hasn't forgotten how to add 2+2. The absurd logic of the Bush and Israeli administrations insults the intelligence of even a child. Punitive and severe restrictive measures are required in order for stability to prevail in the region. We offer the following simple proposal:

The vast majority of nations are opposed to continued hostilities in the Middle East. A tiny minority are in favour of aggressive tactics, namely the USA, Israel and a few other terrorist states/groups. Any flagrant violation of United Nations resolutions must be met with severe punitive measures from the majority of member nations, which by definition form an unbeatable united force. The 'might' of any single nation would pale against the combined forces of Europe, China, Russia, India, and the rest of the world - this is not rocket science!

If the "United Nations" means anything then it should be the most powerful military force on the planet. It follows that any provocative, rogue or hostile force would succumb to the overwhelming force of the United Nations. Faced with the reality of a united front, few nations would risk defeat opposing such a force! If the belligerent Israeli administration wishes the destruction of its state by constantly provoking the powers, then it should be accommodated.

Failure of the UN to enforce its resolutions would reduce it to an irrelevancy. The UN must act with determination, conviction and without hesitation in the face of flagrant provocation and breaches. Israel has recently promised to sustain its attacks in Lebanese territory, it seems it is not satisfied with a single violation.

People are aware that the majority of nations oppose ongoing hostilities in the Middle East. The representative organization of the people (UN) therefore retains majority support. What is required of the UN is honouring its charters, fulfilling its responsibilities and executing its duties, without fear or favour.

No force is able to contend with a real United Nations, that fact is self-evident, but seems lost on Kofi Annan!