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Portland IMC delivers commercial-free web radio and podcasting

Did you know you can stream Independent Media Center (IMC) radio programs from all over the world on your computer? If you've got a simple media player like xmms, iTunes, or Winamp, Portland IMC Web Radio can be heard 24 hours a day with coverage and programs from independent journalists worldwide.
PDX Radio button
PDX Radio button
The dial-up friendly streaming web radio (accessable via the "radio" button on the left side of the front page) features aggregated news and other programming collected from radio.indymedia.org and other sources such as Pittsburgh IMC's Rustbelt Radio news program among others.
Additionally, the Portland IMC radio collective is pleased to announce our integration with Odeo.com an online MP3 host which allows for nearly all of Portland IMC's audio archive to be downloaded (also called podcasting - in reference to the portable "iPod" MP3 player). Odeo's website will allow a listener to susbscribe to their favorites shows via RSS (really simple syndication) which will automatically deliver new programs straight to your iTunes or other music player interface.
Portland IMC radio's archive consists of over 30 show formats plus additional interviews, speakers, and event coverage dating back to 2002 - comprising well over several hundred hours of original and independent programming.
In addition to streaming radio content from all over the world, Portland's IMC web radio provides live local shows six days a week (and yes, you too can make your own show!). Currently, our line-up includes an eclectic mix of local talent, commentary, and information that stream live from Little Beirut in the heart of Cascadia (Portland, Oregon). Present show line-up:


Got Soul Radio? - eclectic music, news, commentary, and interviews dealing with near existential issues of "what's happening?" and "what am I doing?"


11:30am - DJ Nealie Neal Show spins the dopest funky vibe...

10:00pm - Glamarchy Now!: Queer Love, Queer Anarchy. The revolution will be fabulous and remember that everyone looks better in black.

11:00pm - Maximum Damage: ... to them, minimum damage to us.


7:00pm - Rabid Rabbit Radio: Animal Rights.

10:00pm - Radio Cacophony: Experimental and Electronic music


7:00pm - Conciencia Rockera con Milton: (see below in English) es un espacio de comunicacion y de repercucion de luchas sociales al mismo tiempo una herramienta cultural basada en en los principios eticos del ser humano fomentando pensamientos que generen el cambio social. Entendemos que solo con comunicacion abierta y clara habra accion cultural y comunitaria. CONCIENCIA ROCKERA NO CALLA LA REALIDAD DE NUESTRO PLANETA Y DE NUESTRA PROPIA REALIDAD.

10:00pm - Moxie Rocks!


Conciencia Rockera Con Alfredo: This is space for to communicate and reflect of social fight. At the same time it is a cultural tool based in ethic principles of human beings fomenting thoughts that generate the change of articles of incorporation.We undestand that only open and clear communication will create cultural action. CONCIENCIA ROCKERA THE REALITY OF OUR PLANET AND OUR OWN REALITY DOES NOT SHUT UP.


Chaotic Shark: Terraphim and Glasses are funny. And they play good music, too!

Portland IMC radio collective wants you to know that airtime is available for your social- and/or culture-conscious programming. If you have interest in producing a show, send an e-mail to {salaud(at)riseup.net} and include the word "PDXAUDIO" in the subject line.

We also welcome you to participate in our live shows by either calling in or using Gaim / (AOL IM) to instant message us at portlandimcradio. Perhaps most importantly, special correspondents and citizen reporters are always needed during event coverage such as May Day and other large mobilizations. The number to call into the studio host or to listen to the live stream is 503-715-0994. See you on the air!

homepage: homepage: http://portland.indymedia.org/en/static/pdxradio.shtml