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Jeff Free Luers - Update and Dispatch from Prison

Below is a Dispatch from Jeff that was just received. Jeff is scheduled to be released from the hole (solitary segregation) and back into the general prison population tomorrow, August 20, 2006. As far as we know, he still has not received a hearing and still could face the loss of his visits for the next year. We will continue to update you on this situation. Thank you to everyone who wrote words of support to Jeff and sent him books while he was in the hole or donated money - it is greatly appreciated! (and of course letters and donations are still needed!)
-Friends of Jeff Free Luers
Jeff "Free" Luers Prison Dispatch - August 10, 2006

Thank you all so much for the letters and books you have sent me in recent days. I know right now there's a bit of confusion about why I'm in the hole. I'd been hoping to know more myself before writing about it. However, that hasn't happened. So here is what has happened and what I know:

The whole thing started in mid-June when my neighbors got caught in their cell with a joint. The next day they took the wrong neighbors to the hole! Realizing their mistake a few days later they let the innocent party out of the hole and UA'd my tier.

One week later on June 30 I was called down to give a UA based on a phone conversation I'd had. I complied thinking it was just more of the same goings on as the week before.

Then I was UA'd again on July 3 and again on July 5. On July 10 they came to take me to the hole. I was told my June 30 UA was diluted. By which they mean I had more liquid intake than my body used (more than one cup of coffee). Some how this throws the PH balance of your pee off.

The report against me alleges that I admitted to smoking pot on the phone. That I drank excessive water to dilute my system in order to mask my drug use.

There are a few things wrong with that theory. Weed stays in your system - which is why they retested me twice before bringing me to the hole. And again a week after. All test negative. The other problem is the last time I smoked pot was June 15, 2000, the day before my arrest.

At my initial hearing I asked for an investigation including questioning the officer who administered the UA test, asking him how much water he gave me before the test. I also asked for a copy of the phone call to be part of the record, as I never made any statements admitting to having smoked pot in prison.

The case remains under investigation. I suspect it will remain under investigation until I am released from the hole on August 20. At which point it will likely be dropped. This is not an uncommon prison tactic.

I will write again as soon as I know more. For now, I ask people to be patient. If I need any public support on this issue we all know I will not hesitate to ask. Mostly, I'm just concerned with keeping my visits. The hole time doesn't bother me so much.

Again, I thank you all for your love and support. I am honored to have such wonderful people in my corner. Thank you to my dear friends that rally folks every time I'm harassed. Thank you to all you strangers out there who show your commitment to change and your compassion for humanity.

Still standing strong with head unbowed,

-Jeffrey Luers

Write to "Free":

Jeff Luers
Oregon State Prison
2605 State Street
Salem, Oregon 97310

For more information:  http://www.freefreenow.org

homepage: homepage: http://www.freefreenow.org
address: address: Free's Defense Fund; PO Box 3; Eugene, OR 97440

Hi Jeff 28.Aug.2006 07:08

Burners from Greece

Hi comrade.
Greetings from Athens.