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Christianity and Anarchism event in Olympia....

From JesusRacials.com:

Jesus Radicals aspires to be a resource for those who believe that the Christian Gospel is primarily a message of love and peace, and that militarism, capitalism and the state are idols that stand in stark contrast to the rejection of power by Jesus in favor of a personalist way. If you are questioning the church's involvement in these idols and wonder if there is a better way to follow Jesus:

You are not alone.
From the time of the Anabaptists and Doukhobors, to more contemporaries movements like
Catholic Workers and Plowshares, Christian Anarchist have been standing up against the
coercive authority of the state. As Christian we can not reconcile Christ's love with the
authoritarian violence of the state.

To Quote Andrew Alexis-Baker (jesusradicals.com):

"The state is based upon coercion; the gospel is based upon love. The state is based on law;
the gospel is based upon freedom. The state is based upon power; the gospel is based upon

Organizing efforts are underway for a regional gathering in early 2007 at Evergreen State
University. We will be discussing what it means to be a Christian Anarchist in these times
and what we can do as a community to be an example of Christ's love for humanity and what
actions we can take to fight social injustice.

If your interested in contributing to the organizing efforts or wish to be keep up to date
on whats going on please email:



More information:

Jesus Radicals - www.jesusradicals.com
The Ellul Forum - www.ellul.org

homepage: homepage: http://www.jesusradicals.com

Awesome. Thanks for posting this! 20.Aug.2006 08:17