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Derrick Jensen to speak the the Capitol Theater, Olympia, WA Friday August 25th, 8pm

Author and activist Derrick Jensen has helped many realize the total and utter failure of Civilization. He will speak about his new books Endgame: Volume I and II at the Capitol Theater as a benefit of Olympia Civil Liberties Resource. Cost is $5-$15. Come to Olympia and help us fight the Grand Jury coming soon to our town.

Derrick Jensen is the author of The Culture of Make Believe, A Language Older Than Words, Listening to the Land: Conversations about Nature, Culture, and Eros, a USA Today Critics' Choice for on the best nature books of 1995, and Railroads and Clearcuts. He writes for the New York Times Magazine, Audubon, and The Sun magazine, among many others.

He has recently written two new books Endgame: Volume I and II (Seven Stories Press). Accepting the increasingly widespread belief that industrialized culture inevitably erodes the natural world, Endgame sets out to explore how this relationship impels us towards a revolutionary and as-yet undiscovered shift in strategy. Building on a series of simple but increasingly provocative premises, Jensen leaves us hoping for what may be inevitable: a return to agrarian communal life via the disintegration of civilization itself.

"Derrick Jensen is a rare and original voice of sanity in a chaotic world. He has wisdom and wit, grace and style, and is a wonderful guide to a good life beautifully lived."
—Howard Zinn

With a welcomed return to Olympia, where last year he packed a raucous crowd at the Capitol Theater, Jensen will discuss his new books and take questions.

The event is a benefit for Olympia Civil Liberties Resource, a local group attempting to address local Grand Juries, and support those who may be questioned and prosecuted by them. Suspects in these "eco-terrorism" cases are facing extreme punishment of 35-400 years, despite no human being killed in the arsons. Olympia Civil Liberties hopes to show the injustice of Federal selective persecution and other illegal investigation activities.

Cost: $5-15. Location: Captiol Theater 206 5th Ave SE, Olympia, WA.
For interview inquiries please contact  theresa@sevenstories.com

For more information please see  http://www.derrickjensen.org or olycivlib.org

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