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American Solder in Iraq exposed altering U.S. Military Equp,Against Regulations

Aug 24th,2006 ROLLING STONES reporter Evan Serpick story on
"THE MUSIC Solder's take to Battle " is a expose into the nights in wich certain American Military Persons from different areas of Iraq were hit and some killed by iad's and insurrgents, while listening against Military regs to Music wired into their helments and their Humvees.

SGT Brandon Welsh as stated by the reporters story, has been stripping out head phone and wiring them into the imput jacks of Humvee's at $5 per platoon.
and also wiring the helmets of soldiers with Music as well.

As an anti War Protestor Myself, I felt compelled to contact the Head of Oregons Military and U.S Sen Wydens Office and Smith's and a few other parties to report this misappropriations of U.S. Government Property during War and possible comprimisng American's Locations with the transmissions of this Music while out on Manuvers and conflicts accuring while listening to the Music.

Example, " welsh states,just before the US invasion of Fallujah,Welshs tank struck an hidden explovise,Iraqi insurregents swamed all over them, and while the shit was hitting the Fan,Welsch recalls,
Brittany Spears was belting out "Hit Me Baby one more time", in Welsh's and the other officers helmets "
In anther section of the articule, Welsh admits as a expert tank sound rigger,during his year long tour and charged % dollars per Tank to do so.
Splicing earphones and putting them into the Imput jacks, and humvees without speaks mounted them on the dash instead.
My words,
So we got the dingy Broad ,Britany and we got Tupac and Country tunes belting out into the night while on Patrol.!!!
The Rolling Stones reporter meant to really write about the Music, but as a former Militrey Brat myself, with a father whom was an electrical engineer, I saw a total different Pattern emerging the story, which clerly shows, Violations of Military rules of

1) tampering with Government issue humvees and Equipment.
2) Paid government Officer charging other Officers to alter humvees and
body armor
3) Violating Military regs by listening to Music while on assignment.
4) Possible comprimising of Positions to the enemy from transmissions
of the altered military body armour and humvees.
5) Un ethical behavior of a soldier during War time in a War zone.

Sgt Brandon Welsh is quoted in the Articule as wiring helmets of solders whom listened to the music he channeled in with a 20 gig ipod ,while in and at Battle (several different locations over a 2 year time period to current)

as well as charging 5 dollars per platoon to wire humvee's with sound rigging for their music to be projected onto the dash thru speakerrs they to have added on against Military regulations as they clear state they dont give a dam about,cause they feel they are going to die,and they want to party all the way to their death !!!

I for one, as a anti-war protester, find this heinous, where are the inspectors,
whom oversee operations....???

I have contacted US Senator Wydens office and Sen.Smith and the head military public Affairs officer in Oregon I could find, because a Jamie Williams from Oregon is interviewed in the articule too!

Their is also a Photo of 2 U.S. Soldiers buying Bootleg Cds off the back of a truck from an Iraq citizen for 3 dollars a POP !!!

I am atragegged to say the least....
Iraqi ripping off American Musicains and Black marketing their stuff, while we are saving their Buts over a WAR FOR OIL !!!!!!!!!!

Would someone help me make sure that this gets plenty of exposure
Portland ,Oregon
LOL 21.Aug.2006 05:25

some military guy

I hate to burst your bubble here,but this pratice has been going on for at least as long as I have been in the service.Which is almost 18 years now.Now I am in total agreement that this is against military regulations to tamper with government property.However the reader may come to the conclusion that these G.I.'s are just cranking up the music and gunning down Iraqi,s to the sounds of Metaliica.Debateable but not true, the system that they are splicing into is on a VOX circuit. (voice activated)So at anytime you need to commuincate with someone in the vehicle who is helmeted thru the ICU.(Intercom )the person you are speaking to's music is cut off and you can clearly hear what they have to say.(not just music all the time)The way this system is also set up by design through the contracted government manufacture is to be capable to monitor and transmit radio communications while in movement.I know I have sent many fire missions to my Artillery battery FDCS(Fire Direction Centers) while gun batteries were on the move.They were using this same system with their SINGARS radios.All that the troops have done is spliced in their IPODS into this existing system.As to the claim of officers charging other officers to alter the HUMVEES.Now I don't know if this info is from the article or what but I can guarantee you there is no officer doing this. Their butter bar lieutenant make be lookin the other way cause he/she likes it too.(remember he/she just got out of college)It is PVT Joe snuffy or more than like a Slicky boy SPC commo guy trying to make a couple bucks
hooking up his buddies in the platoon.Now I know they qouted a SGT doing this for this particular article but it goes on everywhere.It's partly used as a morale booster. Because of the undeniable fact that combat takes alot of out of you.Sometimes your music keeps you going in difficult situations when nothing else will.(Im sure we all can relate) And myself personally being in two different wars at two different times. (Desert storm 91' operation Iraqi freedom 04'-05')I know what Im talking about.something that Teresa knows nothing about.(not a bad thing though )Oh,and about OMG soldiers buying bootleg CD's off the street in Iraq!!Let me fill ya in.... there ain't a whole lot of Best Buys in Iraq. And the selection of music in the PX's there isn't the greatest ethier. Even the big ones in places like Camp Arifjan Kuwait.Especially for these young 19 year olds who need the latest tunes.(by the way Many Px's over there are in a small tent.I have even had them out of the back of a 16 wheeler AAFES trailer }The troops music selection is limited to what they brought,and after you hear the same album a 100 times and 6 months on your tour to go. You kinda want someting new.And what do you know Hadji has the latest burned on a CD for 3 bucks, You do the math .So what is my point to this reponse? I am just trying to show the reality and perhaps some of the motivations behind these actions at the grunt level as it were.Not what something a reporter writes about the war to get everyone fired up about. However in this case they got it deadon because thats what the motivated, inventive soldier will do.This is only the surface. Much equipment in the military in combat is altered to help it's effectiveness or personalize it to the individual.(remember Vietnam and K-bars being attached upside down and taped on to the web gear?)Or this war with soldiers using scrap Iron to protect their HUMVEES .It's borne out of necessity and sometimes is used and implemented in to the military system universally.As far as being a self proclaimed anti-war protester. Im with you, I am too.I Have no desire to fight in an Illegal war for this Neo con fascist government anymore.But thats just me,however don't assume for a minute that everybody in the military is goose stepping along to the beat of the war drums.I have had many heated arguments with peers over this war.So please don't berate me as some military Hawk or whatever. Just trying for a little insight is all Peace ...........oh and can we please IMPEACH BUSH/CHENEY before they send me to Iran?????