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Oak Grove Protest

Great Response - Great People - Great Day
This was our first time going to the Oak Grove "guerilla" protests ...and how cool it was ! There were maybe a dozen or so of us , and what blew us away was the OVERWHELMING positive responses ! There was hardly five seconds that went by without horns honking and thumbs up , and people THANKING us for being there ! We got a few one-finger salutes and one guy called us "Commie Bastards" but we would say 98% of the responses were supportive ! This is where it's at, folks ...we need to bring this home , to the streets , to the malls...we need to act , and act now. We may be days away from a nuclear strike on Iran and the end of the world as we know it. Am we "tripping" ? We hope so...We hope we are totally wrong about the intentions of this government , but right now , action is what is needed. Rock on !
Same 19.Aug.2006 15:38

Den Mark, Vancouver

Same response in Vancouver from the public. Mostly positive, with a few loud negatives, loud because those few feel increasingly isolated. We who demand justice & peace are NOT going away!

More pix 19.Aug.2006 15:46

V & G

Good work !

Center page article 19.Aug.2006 16:16

Mo Photos

This was a well received event, and the mob is growing. Hope to see it continue to grow.
Here is a link to the front article, where there are more photos:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/08/344489.shtml

Boondocks will be counted 19.Aug.2006 16:23


I saw folks here from far flung, small town America. These are the folks the war mongers fear most, because they cannot be counted as a group, and a very small number can affect the outcome in remote precincts that are harder for them to manipulate. A very powerful "in your face, chimp!" from wee little Scott's Mills, and from Colton, and from Bumfuq, and beyond. Thank you all for being there.

YAY! 19.Aug.2006 17:33

thanks to all

I think it's true that seeing the rural areas rise up too is really scaring the pants off those who staked their political careers on supporting the war. As well it ought. One other thing that would be helpful is to educate people about how their own consumption habits can contribute to or solve the problems at hand. So maybe, while standing at these malls, maybe carry signs or hand out fliers politely educating people about how they can help bring about peace by curtailing their shopping habits? This is just a thought, and not meant to tell anyone what to do. I think it's awesome that you were there. I just think that a lot of people don't know that they have the power to change things. So many people have never thought about the ways that their own "consumer lifestyle" leads to war and poverty and environmental destruction. It seems like it would be good to give them a chance to think about it. I know I grew up in a rural area, and never really thought about it because no one ever mentioned it, and the window I had to the world was the tv screen, which only teaches us to consume more more more. It never showed the consequences of that lifestyle. So now I try to educate people about that whenever I can, but I'm only one person. It would be great to have people like you guys on my side as well.

World Wide 20.Aug.2006 10:00


Our little protest was posted on www.whatreallyhappened.com .....you will have to scroll down to Aug 19 entries......we are Global now ! We have to believe that we are inspiring people all over the World now. WRH has a huge audience..... YAY ! www.whatreallyhappened.com

Bridge of Sighs 20.Aug.2006 10:19

Tom Paine covalentbonded@yahoo.com

A group in Reading, Pa. meets every Friday at 5pm on the main road into and out of Reading. The official name of the bridge is Penn St. Bridge. I call it the Bridge of Sighs (cause I'm so damn clever lol). We stand from 5-6 holding signs that call for an end to this illegal/immoral war. We always have 25-30 people regardless of weather (we have never had rain God loves fools and protestors) or date. Sonetimes there are more. My goal is to fill the length of the bridge on both sides and then extend the witness against this travesty to another day and time to complement the Friday vigil.

We get an increasing number of honks and a decreasing number of one-fingered salutes. No one yells "Get a job" cause all our good jobs have gone away and those that are left . . . People do want this ended I believe and this is one way to achieve that goal.

We are inspiring each other, my friends! Together we will end this. I know we can, yes we can can!!

By the way I am a guy who stands on a bridge; I am not a spokesperson.

Come join the Monday rush-hour impeach team at PDX spots 20.Aug.2006 10:26

Barbara G. Ellis

If this demonstration or others inspired you, come join the the every-Monday afternoon rush-hour impeach team of DFA. Bring your signs and smiles. This Monday it's on the West end of the Sellwood Bridge. Time is 4:30-6:30 pm.
CONTACT: Russ Hallberg who's at:  like7new@comcast.net
2) You can call or email 2 Portland City Council commissioners to pass the impeachment resolution that's been on the table since May 10:
Sam Adams (503-823-3008/  commissionersam@ci.portland.or.us
Randy Leonard (503-823-4682/ randy@ci.portland.or.us )
3) You can do 2 miles of posting impeachment fliers around Portland for the next two Sunday afternoons.
Contact Barbara Ellis for routes & fliers:  barbaragellis@earthlink.net

The Dalles does it. 20.Aug.2006 15:07


Peacemongers in The Dalles haven't missed a Friday 5-5:30 pm protest in over three years despite rain, snow, heat and threats. The group sometimes numbers as many as 25 and includes veterans of three wars: WWII, Korea and Vietnam. Positive responses are high and increasing.

Protests 20.Aug.2006 22:23


Good on you! Im seeing you guys from here in the Philippines, you ARE as global as you think, and the world is watching what you guys do! GO GET EM'!!!! Show us what Americans are made of!