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Loose Change & TerrorStorm @ Clinton St. Theater 8/23 7pm

This is a correction to a previous announcement with the incorrect date, or the date was changed, either way here it is.

Wednesday 8/23 7pm

The Clinton Street Theater 2522 SE Clinton St., Portland, OR 97202 Events phone - 503.238.8899 or Message: 503.238.5588
Click and watch the amazing south tower turn to dust right before your very eyes
Click and watch the amazing south tower turn to dust right before your very eyes
Loose Change 2nd edition is "the" 9/11 truth movie. Its not the Bible of 9/11 truth, but everyone should see it at least once. especially if you have never looked into the unanswered questions surrounding 9/11. Clinton Street Theater @ 7pm

TerrorStorm, the latest by Alex Jones, presents historical examples of state sponsored false flag terrorism. This is also a must see for every american. Clinton Street Theater 9pm.

This is not a pdx 9/11 truth event, however members will be on hand with free dvd copies of these movies to those who want one, as well as some literature and info about our event at Cine Magic theater SE 20th & hawthorne; Sunday 9/10 in observance of 5 years since the inside job known as 9/11/01.
Check back to indymedia or pdx911truth.blogspot.com for more info leading up to this event.

Those of you looking for a quick and painless smoking gun, please follow this link if you dare.
 link to forums.portlandmercury.com

Thank you all hope to see you out there
Mr. Met

homepage: homepage: http://pdx911truth.blogspot.com/