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Support Lt Ehren Watada

There will be a rush hour bannering to support the Lt on the Failing St pedestrian overpass over I5 at 8 am and again at 430 pm Weds, 8/16
Join Veterans For Peace, Code Pink, Vancouver For Peace and Combatants For Peace (and others)on the Failing St overpass at 8 am and at 430 pm as we raise public awareness of the heroic stand of 1st Lt Ehren Watada against the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq. The Lt has refused to be deployed to Iraq on the grounds that the US military's presence in Iraq violates International and US law. He states that an order to support an illegal act in any way constitutes an illegal order and that as an officer in the US Army he has the duy and obligation to refuse such an order. The Army has charged him with contempt of officials and conduct unbecoming an officer for telling the truth and for doing his sworn duty. Please come out to support him if you at all can!

homepage: homepage: http://www.thankyoult.org

whish I could be there 16.Aug.2006 12:00

Joe Anybody

Keep up the good fight supporting Lt Ehren Watada

Right to refuse 25.Aug.2006 05:55

Cpt. Rudolph

I totally support this man's right to refuse the act of killing another human being. Why not send Bush's precious twins or Cheney's dyke daughter over to the middle east if they want somebody to do their dirty work. IT'S JUST ABOUT THE OIL ANYWAY! Actually in the beginning they thought they'd hop over there--bump off "Sad'em" Hussein and take the oil only it backfired----they succeeded in getting the whole world envolved--now stupid s--t Bush is standing around with egg on his face.........