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Fast For Peace Unites Religious and Secular Peace Groups

The Troops Home Fast Continues, With Help from faith based organizations
Fast for Peace Unites Religious and Secular Leaders
September 10 and 11, 2006

Clergy, lay leaders, and people of faith from many Portland area religious communities will join other peacemakers and activists in a 2-day public fast and peace teach-in at the South Park Blocks (between Salmon and Main Streets), from 10 am to 6 pm. The fast is to bring attention to the urgency for peacemaking and to provide opportunities for personal commitment, reflection, and discussion. Organizers hope to raise public consciousness, demonstrate personal commitment, and build community. The funds saved by not eating will be donated to local hunger action organizations. Both fasters and supporters are welcome.

This event is an open invitation for everyone to remember the costs of war, yet to move beyond all acts of violence and fear toward healing, active peacemaking, and rededication to compassionate moral priorities as a nation. Organizers call on the inspiration that fasting has historically afforded justice and peace movements from Gandhi to Martin Luther King, Jr. Several faith traditions will join secular activist groups in this call for peace, including Code Pink representatives of the ongoing international hunger strike, "Troops Home Fast" (www.troopshomefast.org). Participants will host brief top-of-the-hour offerings of peace related remarks, music, readings, poems, and art.

Contact RCA Moore, People of Faith for Peace, at  rcamoore@comcast.net
Mark Knutson, Augustana Lutheran Church, at  pastormark@augustana.org
Terri Grayum, Code Pink, at  ladyluck@teleport.com
Groups who want to bring offerings of music, art, poetry, or reflections should contact Jan Elfers at  janelfers@gmail.com to be plugged into the schedule