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HI! Please Send Activist Happenings to  kbooactivist@yahoo.com to be included in the Week In Action calendar, a minday night segment of KBOO news that seeks to inform people of political/activist happenings around town.
Every Monday at the end of KBOO news is Week In Action, a calendar of political/activist happenings around town, to inform people on the upcoming week. If you would like your event included please e-mail  kbooactivist@yahoo.com; the calendar hopes to publicize your event and make people aware that there is a lot going on here to make a new more sane world. THANK YOU
rachael behl

phone: phone: 612-209-1662

but will it be available to the public afterward ... 13.Aug.2006 16:13

concerned listener

... if they miss that particular portion of that particular broadcast?

KBOO WEEK IN ACTION 15.Aug.2006 21:46

rachael kbooactivist@yahoo.com

KBOO is working on getting its archival process up and running after...so hopefully in the future you can check the audio calendar after monday.
And remember to e-mail actions to  kbooactivist@yahoo.org