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Do you realize what is happening? Polling on America Muslims?

The poll that was posted about how Americans feel about Muslims really shows the what is happening.

Your talking about what was once a basic right that everybody in the US saw as not even an issue and a racist question. AMERICA IS CRUMBLING! And it is happening fast. Did we not learn from the US camps for Japanese during WW2? He did it, that bastard did it. America is gone; we will never be as we were just 6 years ago. Do you remember those times? It makes brings tears to my eyes when I think of them. I don't want my kids growing up in this, I wish I could take them away from it all. If my four year old asks me "Daddy, are they still killing the people in Lebanon and those places?" one more time, I am going to loose it.
Bin Laden is a dastard that has forsaken every drop of Syrian Blood in him. He knew all this was going to happen. He knew Americans would turn on each other. The problem is, if America were broken, what other reason would we live for? I am the part of constitution, I am part of the bill of rights, and LIBERTY is more precious than life to me.
LikL Bush 13.Aug.2006 14:15

jail Bush

I know how you feel but bin laden had little to do with 911. the FBI issued a statement a month or so ago that "there is no hard evidence connecting bin laden with 911." yet the juggernaut continues and people fall in line. it is hard to believe what is happening but it is happening right before our eyes and nothing but international financial intervention will stop this horror. may goddess be with us all. keep leafleting, keep talking, keep blogging,

special identity papers 13.Aug.2006 14:51


yesterday on right wing hate radio Jeff Kropf ran a poll. Should muslims be required to carry special identity papers? I don't know why I was shocked but I was.  http://www.kxl.com/personalities.aspx?ID=70

it's not bin Laden 14.Aug.2006 01:25


Hello? Bin Laden probably had nothing to do with what you're assuming, except as an unfortunate patsy to pin the (state-sponsored) terrorism on to create public acceptance of their (the neocons) plans. Look into it.

I find though objective very interesting 14.Aug.2006 09:19


I have never paid attention to that conclusion about Laden, I will have to look into it.