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We are forming a NW women's jug band doing radical feminist/original comedy and music. If you are FUN, FUNNY, LOUD, and TALENTED, we want you! Collectively, we have 30 years experience performing and are planning on tours, so you must also be willing to travel sometimes. We are kid-positive, so mothers are welcome as well. We are poverty-conscious, so your income is not important. Welfare moms welcome! If you've got talent, and want to make some waves, talk to us!
I am looking for women with SOLID TALENTS MUSICALLY (or an IMAGINATIVE BRILLANCE)...who want to do RADICAL COMEDY in their music. I formerly organized a feminist a cappella group called Raw Sugar that was wildly successful, and would like to move back into an a cappella original act again with 2 other women, most probably, but I would be open to more women too. I play slide guitar, washboard, fiddle, and sing VERY powerfully, I have been a comedian for decades, plus I am a writer, of music, lyrics, jokes and political articles. I have performance connections and can get gigs with little trouble for a feminist trio...I am looking to gather the right combo right now.

I am so sick of the bullshit in so much of the political world, from anarchist hypocrisy to the raging Bush wars, but this is a way to deal with direct action WHILE HAVING FUN! This is a way to say what you think, to the public, to have some influence politically THROUGH MUSIC...which is a time honored methodology!

I am a mother, and thus am open to working with mothers. My son is grown now, but I know how to perform with kids in tow, thus I would not turn away any women just cuz they have kids...Also, I am class conscious, thus your income does not matter either. You can be a poor welfare mom, but IF YOU HAVE TALENT, CONTACT ME. I will work with you.

And men, please do not respond to this ad. Everytime I run an ad for women performers, all these mediocre male musicians respond. This is an ad for WOMEN MUSICIANS ONLY.

Also, if you have ever seen my act, Mother Zosima, a notorious groundbreaking act at the Oregon Country Fair for over 2 decades, that is what we are aiming at...something along those lines...we will play primarily in the Pacific NW but may tour on occassion as well...We plan on doing the fair circuit next summer so you need to be available to travel at least on the West Coast during the summer. And I am open to working with women in Oregon and Washington for rehearsals...

My performance motto is BETTER IRREVERENT THAN IRRELEVANT! I hope to work with some of you outrageous women out there in the near future!!! You can email me at  kirstena@resist.ca or write me at Kirsten Anderberg, POBox 9983, Seattle, Wa 98109.

homepage: homepage: http://www.kirstenanderberg.com