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Empire Spreads Its Wings

 http://slaverevoltradio.blogspot.com/ has analysis of your master.

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Am I the Senate Intelligence Commitee  Phillybuster or What
Am I the Senate Intelligence Commitee Phillybuster or What
The recent events unfolding in Lebanon and Israel are part of a larger imperial struggle on the Grand Chess Boards privatized stage. The attack by Israel is part of a larger Geo-political war tactic to dominate the life energy blood of all industrialized societies, hydrocarbons. this strategy Outlined and backed by the powerful Elite in the Anglo/Western financial military corporate axis are determined to maintain and recement their power block by all genocidal means.

In this (Ruins Of Empire) segment called 'The Empire spreads it's wings: The long march towards permanent genocidal imperial resource wars in the Middle East' Slave Revolt aims it's sights at this subject. Listen as we explore the financial crisis Sam is in and how this is spurring on more adventurist actions. Hear how this expansion of capitalist death is based around China, Russia, and the evolution of the (SCO). And soak in as we explore how Syria and Iran are planned to be 'visited' next on this march of Imperial death.

Empires are forged by war. Empires are maintained by war. Empires are destroyed by war. Wars of privatized financial and of military decimation. Unless the Slaves of the planet realize and respond to these dynamics without any illusions and mystical beliefs this may turn out to be humanities final war.

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