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Let Your Government Man Help you
Don't Go outside anymore
Don't Eat that food
Don't take that Greyhound Line
Don't fly (lipstick is on board)
Dump out your water

Give up

Terror is everywhere
Oh Ya and don't forget 911 ....REMEMBER?

At any moment anyone could be an Al Quada

We must search all phone lines
We must search every traveler
We must get rid of all foreigners that don't have papers

Don't do anything anymore
Your Safety is at Risk
Stay home and be safe (forget being happy - at least you will be safe)

Trust The Government
They are here "For You"
They are here to keep you safe! REALLY THEY ARE...TRUST THEM!

At any minute even your best friend or family could be..,
A TERRORIST....dont trust any of your friends or family
*Just trust the government they will lead you to safety and security*

Everybody must check and be checked to be SAFE
OH MY GOD ....maybe we all are gonna die?

DON'T GO ANYWHERE apparently there is DANGER everywhere you look!

OH my ...I am getting scared ...PLEASE HELP GOVERNMENT MEN
I am glad that the government is helping me be safe and free
I am so thankful
I need more government agency's to protect me
I need more spying on my fellow Americans .....any one of them could be an evil-doers
I cant trust my neighbors and co-workers anynmore .....I think they are bad guys .....
I only trust my Homeland Security and CIA brown suits

Stay home lock your doors .....Evil is everywhere.
Dont cry, the Government is here protecting you
Boo! 11.Aug.2006 22:29



There is sanity out there.

see baby cry 13.Aug.2006 11:28

Stirand Mix

see the baby terrorist crying
see the sippy cup she was drinking
she might be a terrorist
see mom mix the drink with all the other "suspected" liquids

see how stupid this all is