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Cannot find resonable weekend place - to many greedy people !

cannot find weekend place at resonable price
cannot find weekend place at resonable price - found one last year listed at 32k in Ocean Park, then reduced to 28k - should of bought it as now listed at 150k - what a jump in one year ! The list goes on and on like this !!! ANY ideas are welcomed - but please no typical large bank note ideas
wah wah 13.Aug.2006 12:14

wah wah

people are homeless and ur whining for a weekend place?

this is the weirdest post ever. 13.Aug.2006 21:34



A tent 14.Aug.2006 17:09


Have you (seriously) considered a tent?

why own? rent or share instead 15.Aug.2006 01:10


I guess someone looking for a 28k place could afford it, but y'know it kind of costs a lot of money to pitch a tent at the coast too(that's where we're talking bout right?), if you can get in to the campground.

coop 15.Aug.2006 17:42


Do you really need to own a second home to get away to on the weekend. Perhaps what you really want is a place to sleep, eat, cook, and relax in when visiting the coast a weekend at a time, and it would be nice if you could arange things so that it was the same each time you came and it felt personalized.

Perhaps you could cooperate with friends,neighbors, pool together and start a halfway house where you could stay and volunteer on your weekends.