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0811 am 'Get This' news

Summary of the KBOO am news for Friday, August 11th, 2006.
1. Pipe bombs in Salem: Police disabled two devices resembling pipe bombs in Salem yesterday. Must be the full moon or something in the air.
2. The Bush administration declared an economic disaster for salmon trollers in Oregon and California - finally (And notice, to the administration, this is about the economy, that's money. Bugger the fish... )
3. FSRN: (This is a repeat from yesterday) There is a Dead Zone out there off the Oregon coast. If that isn't worthy of 'economic disastrous', then I don't know money from fish. Nonetheless, none of these genii have put the two stories together and come with an effort to address climate change.
4. OHSU is going to start posting death rates. (Hopefully not patients' rooms... )
5. Independent Ben Westlund is dropping out of the governor's race just as it looks like he may have gathered enough signatures to get on the ballot. Westlund says he doesn't want to be a spoiler.
6. There was a brief item in the Oregonian yesterday. Despite a national decline in house foreclosures nationwide, in the Portland area foreclosures are up. After googling around in the murky waters of economic discrimination, I did not fine record of what should be obvious: this is a crisis reserved for the poor.
7. Can of Worms: Del Monte took the usual corporate dive and settled with eight former employees who were fired in retaliations for complaining about safety violation. The company gave them $5 thousand dollars each and told them to go away, without ever admitting to wrongdoing. The rest of the $400 thousand dollar lawsuit? Oh that $400 thousand... it must be here somewhere... let's see... Oh, Look! Here it is: in a settlement fund for class-action lawsuits.
8. (repeat from yesterday) A tape story about Mercy Corps' efforts in Lebanon hampered by vicious Israeli aggression.
9. The street in New Orleans is hard on the police in that ravaged city. (Ever consider that the police are what's causing the stress?)
10. Republicans and Democrats are fighting over who's fighting the hardest against the terrorist. (Dr. Strangelove: "Gentlemen! Gentlemen! No fighting in the War Room!")
11. Cynthia McKinney's opponent it could be argued, won because of the size of his campaign 'package'. Not because of a trumped-up scuffle with the cops or because she is the only legislator with the courage to tell the truth about 9/11. No. McKinney lost because her pro-Israeli opponent raked in the pro-Israeli cash.
12. There's a land grab underway in Antarctica. India wants to lead the charge to cannibal the earth. (India says the reason it ought to be able to run amok in the frozen South is that it needs to study how the subcontinent broke away from the other part of itself.
13. The battle for the vacant non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council is blazing away in the citadels of diplomacy. Naturally the US is hard against the seat going to Venezuela. And the rest of the world?
14. Just two months ago it looked like Brazilian President Luiz Ignacio Lula da Silva was coasting to victory in the up-coming election. Don't look now, Lula, but here come Leftist candidate Heloisa Helena.
15. Two more foreign petroleum workers (And I use that term very loosely: I doubt these fellows ever get their hands dirty. I doubt they even know what oil looks like, except on paper... ) kidnapped in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
16. In Lebanon, police detained about 350 Lebanese soldiers and police in Marjayoun yesterday. Oh and did I mention, they also captured the whole town? The bloodshed in Lebanon is horrific. The rest of the world stands by, holding talks, while a nation dies one life at a time... Beirut was hit again.
17. Word is that France and the US are close to deal. Russia says, 'Oh bollocks to you and your crafty deals. Lets call a truce and stop the dying.' Seems so simple - all it would take is the will.
18. The UN's Human Rights chief told an emergency session that both side in the struggle had to be treated equally. Right. That's like telling the mouse not to harm the cat while it is being eaten alive.
19. Oh, The Rapture!: Pat Robertson and Ehud Olmert embraced and prayed together the other day.
20. In Iraq, about 50 gunmen stormed the office of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, beat up the guards and set the building on fire. The attackers accused the party's official newspaper of criticizing the Ayatollah Mohammed al-Yacoubi.
21. Another American Success Story: Proxy (or even 'poxy') British soldiers in Afghanistan are engaged in the most intense, prolonged fighting they have seen in 50 years - or the last time the Afghanis kicked British arse.
22. In Sri Lanka the fighting continues to escalate as well. It would look like the Tamil Tigers and the government are at each other's throats. But what the current battle is really about is water rights. One way or another, it is the civilians that are suffering the most.
23. In China, the death toll from the worst typhoon in 50 years has so far taken over a hundred lives and devastated hundreds of villages.

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