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Green Anarchy #23 is out

This is the long-running "Anti-civilization Journal of Theory and Action", published right here in Oregon. The current issue theme is "Strategy and Tactics".
Some of Us Wish to Fly...

"Summer's here, and the time's come for fun, fighting, and attempting to fly. To take flight, not in some technological or rationalist undertaking, at pushing the limits of gravity in a Wright Brothers to NASA fashion, but to soar free from all constraints - morality, ideology, and all social, emotional, and institutional obstacles - and defy what we have always been told, and may have even believed to be impossible..."--Welcome to Green Anarchy, Issue #23, Summer/Fall 2006.

The latest issue of Green Anarchy is out, focusing on anti-civilization strategy and tactics. Several short articles have been posted on our web site with more to come over the next weeks and months. Check out A Credible Threat, The Path Ahead by John Zerzan, and A Principle Strategy by Interra Garre.

A wide range of subjects and perspectives are tackled within this difficult topic: Deconstructing All Relationships: Beyond Just Fucking and Fighting as Revolutionary Agendas by A. Morefus; Play Fiercely! Our Lives Are at Stake!- Anarchist Practice as a Game of Subversion by Wolfi Landstreicher; Hush, KISS, Play with @ jester - a brief jaunt into cryptography and includes a game for you; Why Misery Loves Company? a surrealist inspired piece by Ron Sakolsky; Momentum Against Civilization (Part II): Impulse and Collision in Terms of Strategy by Felonious Skunk continues the earlier discussion about getting beyond the mass movement mentality; an excellent reprint from the Situationist International, Instructions for an Insurrection; Tokenism and the Banality of a Life Half-Lived by Oliver Fitzgerald; The Reasons for a Hostility: About the Mass Media by some comrades with free hands; As I Walk Through the Valley in Darkness...It Seems I Am Mostly Alone (My Individual Liberation Front) by Ann I. Solation; an important evaluation of past strategies in Bridges Worth Burning by A.R. Son; Natural Born Killers by Sky Hiatt; a personal glimpse into the lives of some inspiring folks in BC, Canada called Permanent Subsistence Zones by sea weed; Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow by Rand W. Gould is a surprising perspective on prison life; For The Wearing of the Green? makes a stab at the myth of a green Ireland; Against the Megamachine 2006 by JZ; and another poignant reprint from Freddy Perlman's Against His-story, Against Leviathan - "The last communities do a ghost dance". Emerging through the veil, we dance ecstatic, from A Craft of Insurrection by Moon Su, concludes the issue.

Our regular features include inspirational and educational news items from around the world, the all-too-necessary state repression news section, Jesus Sepulveda's Garden of Peculiarities: Fragment 31 (with a new Post Scriptum); and JZ's Nihilist Dictionary - Communities. Waldorf and Statler take on Infoshop, Cara Jennings, and of course - NEFAC. The Practical Rewilding column is titled Prehistory of Birth Control: Tactics for Liberating Our Bodies From the Medical Establishment and comes to us from Rat Girl. We also compiled an extensive list of recommended readings on strategy and tactics from past issues of GA, from our distro, as well as some interesting classics and insightful new writings on State strategies.

If you are a Green Anarchy subscriber you ought to see your copies soon. If you are interested in checking it out before you subscribe, go to our Get It! page to see what options are available.

The next issue will be out in early January 2007 and while it will not be theme-specific, we are interested in contributions related to the City, Communication, Relationships, Sexuality, and Culture. All articles, letters, reviews, poems, ... received by October 1st will be considered for Issue #24 Winter/Spring 2007. For details go to the Contribute page.

homepage: homepage: http://www.greenanarchy.org
address: address: PO Box 11331, Eugene OR, 97440