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Israeli's illegal Dozer Tanks equipped with bulldozer hardware

I see these myself on the news when they show video of the Israeli tanks coming in. look carefully and you can see them.
Israel has modified tanks to be equipped with bulldozing hardware with a capability and force which is greater than a typical heavy duty bulldozer.

The Dozer Tank is in direct violation of; international law, international code of ethics, international code of military ethics and basic human morale.

These machines have a vile use which has been very effective for Israel. For decades now, when Israel would want to build a settlement or would like to take a Palistian's home and land, this is what usual happens. The owner is given a 24 hour notice to vacate. After which time Israeli Dozer Tanks come in and use fire power if necessary and completely level the home. The Dozer Tanks have been very effective in clearing tremendous amounts of Palistian's land and homes. In fact a Dozer Tank is what ran over and crushed alive a US citizen, Khoury from Washington state, when she simply sat in the way of a Dozor Tank with her arms crossed and attempted to protest the demolition of a Palistian's home. She was run over and crushed, then the driver stopped on top of her mangled body for several minutes before finally backing up while turning leaving her body torn and chrushed.

They have also been very useful in other crimes also. When Israel makes an incursion into Lebanese, Palestinian, and Syrian territories , during the withdrawal the Dozer Tanks are used to level and destroy whole villages.

If someone might have a photograph of the Israeli Dozer Tank, please post it to this thread, if not, watch the photographs and videos real carefully and you may see one for yourself.

And Israel Pimps The Ride 09.Aug.2006 14:28


The IDF have retro-fitted their rides and have added very unique fixtures to the dozers. Machine guns and grenade launchers.

From Wikipedia

Israeli usage
The Israeli Armored D9 nicknamed Doobi (Hebrew: דובי; lit. teddy bear) is a Caterpillar D9 bulldozer that was modified by the IDF and Israeli Military Industries to increase the survivability of the dozer in hostile environments and enable it to withstand heavy attacks. The main IDF modification is the installation of an Israeli-made armor kit which provides armor protection to the mechanical systems and to the operator cabin. The operator is protected inside an armored cabin, with bulletproof windows to protect against bombs, machinegun and sniper fire. The IDF also developed an armor add-on to deflect RPG rounds. The fitted armor package adds roughly 15 additional tons to the production-line weight of the D9. As for many customized packages, individually modified D9 bulldozers may be found with disparate features, such as crew-operated machine guns, smoke projectors, or grenade launchers. The heavy armor carried by modified D9s allows them to work under heavy fire in dangerous battle-zones and resist mine blasts. The Israeli armor kit has proven to be effective, as no D9 operator was killed during the 4-year long al-Aqsa Intifada. However, in a later incident, an Israeli D9 operator was killed when an anti-tank missile launched by Hezbollah scored a direct hit during a land mine clearing operation on the northern border with Lebanon in January 2004.[1] Still later, another operator was killed in January 2005 during an operation to remove explosive devices placed just on the Israeli side of the Israel-Lebanon border.

The Israeli Engineering Corps uses the D9 for a wide variety of engineering tasks, such as digging moats, clearing landmines, mounting sand barriers, building fortifications, clearing terrain obstacles and opening routes to armored fighting vehicles and infantry. On Yom Kippur War the D9s took part in the breaching of the Suez Canal, enabling Israeli forces to go through the canal and surround the Egyptian 3rd Army. In the northern front an Israeli D9 opened a route in the snow to elite infantry forces. It was the first ever motorized vehicle to reach the highest peak of Mount Hermon. One of the D9's primary roles is to clear landmine fields and booby-trapped areas. It can do it either by the regular heavy blade or by specially-designed mineplows attached in the front.

In urban warfare and counter-terror operations, the D9s has also been used in standoff situations with armed opponents barricaded in buildings, usually rigged with explosives and booby-traps, when no hostages are present. In order not to risk Israeli soldiers, the D9 shakes the house until the barricaded gunmen surrender. After the building is evacuated, the D9 razes the structure in order to detonate and bury any explosives that remain inside. Hamas chief bomb-maker and the plotter of the Passover massacre, Case Aduwan, was killed in April 7, 2002, after he was tracked by the SHABAK and the YAMAM and a D9 destroyed the house in which he was hiding after heavy exchanges of fire. In Hebron, the IDF used the armored D9 to stop the local Hamas leader, Bassal Qawasameh, who shot at the D9 with machinegun, but was killed when the D9 demolished the house where he was hiding. One year after, Imad Qawasameh surrendered to IDF forces, after a D9 started demolishing his house. Armored D9 bulldozers have demolished many structures in Rafah, Gaza strip during battles with militants and operations to uncover smuggling tunnels.

And we pay for it 09.Aug.2006 19:54


Paid for by US taxpayer dollars...

The only country 10.Aug.2006 10:03


Israel is the only country that uses such illegal equipment.

Rong 16.Feb.2008 14:45


1) Combat bulldozers are not illegal under any laws anywhere. They have been used since WW2.

2) They're purchase is not illegal under any laws anywhere. They were purchased from Caterpillar on the open market then customized by the Israeli army.

3) Israel is not the only country to use them. The concept appeared in WW2 on both sides and now almost every major country on earth has some form of combat engineering vehicle (tank w/ bulldozer blade etc). These customized D9L's are simply the biggest baddest evolution of the concept.

So shut your mouth if you don't know what your talking about.