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9.11 investigation | election fraud

McKinney's Name Is Not On All The Ballots But Her Opponent's Name Is!!

I know McKinney's opponent won with 59%, but how crooked can you get?
I expected foul play when it came to Cynthia's primary, they've been gunning for her ever since she questioned the Bush administration too seriously about 9/11. She's one of only a handful of congresspeople who can't be bought out or blackmailed by Israel, and I'd say she's THE guttsiest. She failed to get 50% of the votes in the first round of the primary three weeks ago amidst reports of vote-switching [  http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/viewArticle.asp?articleID=11705 ]. Not many people are talking about it, but I knew Brad Blog would have something to say about any possible trickery. Her name isn't on all the ballots? How blatant can you get??

Report From GA Dem Primary: McKinney's Name Is Not On All The Ballots But Her Opponent's Name Is!!
Many other 'glitches' reported already and the polls have only been open for an hour!
Guest blogged by Winter Patriot

An early-morning report from the headquarters of Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney's campaign indicates that voting is not going smoothly in Georgia's 4th Congressional District. Congresswoman McKinney is involved in a runoff election against Hank Johnson, after "failing" to gain 50% of the votes in the first round of the primary three weeks ago.

According to the McKinney camp,

Less than one hour into the voting day, multiple problems with the electronic voting machines have arisen. McKinney precinct watchers are reporting machines down already, insecure machines, and at least one 4th Congressional District precinct without McKinney's name on the ballot, but with her opponent's name on it.
Another location had to redo the zero report because the machine did not initiate at a zero count. And at yet another location, the voting machine where the voting card is inserted is not secure.
We've reported on McKinney's troubles in the first round of the primary (here and here) and we have also mentioned the smear campaign being waged against her and against opponents of electronic voting in general by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a so-called "newspaper" which is part of the so-called "Cox media empire". Judging from their coverage of the first round of the primary, we should not expect the AJC to pay any attention to the claims of irregularities in this election, regardless of how well documented they might be.

The BRAD BLOG, on the other hand, will continue to keep you posted.

After the second hour of voting the McKinney camp is still seeing all sorts of problems:

We have a situation at Idlewood Elementary School. Two voters attempted to vote and the voting card cast the ballot without the voter having made a candidate selection. The voter complained that the voter never selected her candidate-Cynthia McKinney. The same problem occurred with that same voting machine with another voter. Team McKinney has spoken with one of the voters; the poll watcher caught one of the two voters and the voter that we have, witnessed the second voter having the same problem.

Winona Park Elementary School, the machines went down and voters are being told to return later. Team McKinney lawyers are seeking to extend voting time.

Police harassment is being reported in Rockdale County and one of the Team McKinney leaders was even pulled over by Rockdale police. The Rockdale police are circling and harassing people in McKinney blue.

Memorial Drive North precinct, a voter asked for a Democrat ballot and was given a Republican ballot. Only after the voter complained did the polling official give him a correct ballot.

The Secretary of State's Office is dismissing Team McKinney poll watchers at Idlewood and Winona Park Elementary School. Why? And under what authority? That they are telling us the truth? And we are telling you?

At Panola precinct, the McKinney Poll Watcher reports that the voting machine would not let the voter cast the ballot. Team McKinney has the name of that voter.

So again we have reports of election fraud coming along in real time. Who is doing anything? Who is even reporting this?

Greg Palast is paying attention (please read this), and there's a pro-Johnson (or perhaps more accurately: anti-McKinney) blogger spreading the usual slime, like this:

8:50AM - While doing some research I have discovered that Cynthia McKinney's campaign website is down. I wonder what sort of lies are on there that they have to cover up.
But it's very difficult to find anyone else who seems to be paying attention. Use Google news and look for "McKinney"; you'll find dozens of instances of this:

Cynthia McKinney, who made headlines this year for a scuffle with a US Capitol Police officer, faced a runoff for her district's Democratic nomination
... but almost no actual coverage of the events of the day.

RIP American Journalism. It was nice while it lasted.

As of noon today:

Voter went to Champion Theme School which used to be Stone Mountain Middle School, to vote. They usually vote in the gym, but the site was closed due to no air conditioning. But there were no signs to inform the people where to go. The poll worker was there just because it was so early in the morning. There were no signs informing voters where the alternate voting site was until 8:00. But the signs were too small. The voter asked the principal for an easel to write big signs to inform people of the alternate voting location. The voter made the big signs to inform voters where to go to vote. One lady went home and got paper to make signs and now the precinct is up with appropriate signage directing people to another location inside the Middle School. Polling authorities should have had the signs up yesterday in anticipation of 7:00 am opening time.

At 11:00 a voter said she voted for me, but after the vote the machine displayed a vote for Hank Johnson. A Team McKinney attorney followed up with the voter and will issue a complete report. At at least two voting precincts not in the District, on July 18th voters report that my and my opponents' names were on the ballot. Today, these names do not appear on their ballots. On July 18th, how many votes were cast and counted from outside the Fourth District? Only the graveyard of bits and bytes knows for sure.

At noon, turnout appears to be running slightly behind that of July 18th. Translation, if this trend maintains, runoff turnout will be higher than predicted.


One voter went to vote and my name didn't appear on the ballot. The voter went and complained, and then when she went back to cast her vote, my name was on the ballot. This occurred at Wadsworth Elementary School.

The machine that tallies the total vote broke down at Stronghold Church around 2:10 pm. At 3:15 it's still down.

Just thought I'd add this comment 09.Aug.2006 18:44

Jody Paulson

(remember, McKinney won the original primary with less than 50% of the vote, this was the runoff)

COMMENT #185 [Permalink]
... BOB YOUNG said on 8/9/2006 @ 6:22 pm PT...

"I don't see any fraud here. McKinney's own camp hasn't brought up the pecular charge you are. I don't know statistics, just that the electorate showed up in droves to oust her."

No problem #156 LEFTOFCENTER

I'm an expert in probability theory.

The odds of all of the additional 13,000 voters in a run off election going to the loser of the primary is longer than the odds of flipping a fair coin 13,000 times and coming up all tails. The odds of that happening are less than 1 in 1,000.000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.

Duh! 09.Aug.2006 20:04


How many elections will it take before we get it thru our heads that the vote is rigged, folks! I think we should take a lesson from our friends in Mexico - when votefraud happens, the people shut the city down!!!

Not fair, but probably not fraudulent 10.Aug.2006 19:09


Although fraud should not be ruled out automatically, McKinney was likely actually beaten by the by a one-two punch, first from the State's Democratic bosses who ran two appealing candidates, one liberal white and one Uncle Tom black, against McKinney in the primary, forcing a runoff when she won with less than 50%; and then the Republicans delivered the 'coup de grace' by exploiting the peculiar Georgia primary system - which allows Republicans to vote in Democratic primaries and runoffs (and vice versa) - by urging conservatives to go to the polls and vote for McKinney's opponent in the runoff. In the days before the runoff onservative and moderate pundits were in all the local media urging a big anti-Cynthia vote. It was well-organized and well-financed. So she and her supporters were gang raped by both Parties. Denise Majette, who beat her in the 2002 Democratic primary, also did so by virtue of an extremely well-financed campaign to mobilize as many Republican votes as possible against Cynthia.

It's nothing new in Georgia politics. In the 1960s, when the racist, segragationist fried chicken and axe handle purveyor Lester Maddox won the Democratic gubernatorial primary against the moderate, popular former Governor, Ellis Arnall, Republicans voted for Maddox in the primary, believing that Maddox would be easy to beat in the general election. They were wrong about that.