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0809 am 'Get This' news

Summary of the KBOO am news for Wednesday, August 9th, 2006.
1. A state panel has disciplined a judge who ordered cheers in court for the Seattle Seahawks before issuing a manslaughter sentence. (And when Judge Beverley Grant is sentenced let's all yell, 'Hurray for Justice!')
2. More than 100 workers at Georgia-Pacific's mill in Clastskanie are losing their jobs. This is called "corporate efficiency." It never occurred to the company's CEOs to cut their own salaries in the name of efficiency. (Note: Nature is effective not efficient; Death... now that's efficient)
3. The SEIU - the largest state workers' union - held a rally to drum up interest and gather input from members about upcoming labor contract talks.
4. Kettle Foods - Oregon's own, original Kettle Foods - has been sold to an English company. (But don't worry, the chips will be called crisps from now on, otherwise still taste the same... )
5. The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has filed an age-discrimination lawsuit against Woodburn Fertilizer on behalf of a former female employee. The company gave her unwarranted poor evaluations, put her on probation and made repeated derogatory comments about her age. (Older women don't have it easy in the workplace - if they are even admitted to it. They remind young women that one day they too will be old. They inspire disgust on the part of young males and contempt from their older male counterparts, and older women can't bear their own reflection around the water cooler.)
6. A robot that parks cars at a garage in new Jersey trapped hundreds of cars hostage for several days. (What's worse is when robots hotwire your car, take it for a joy ride and abandon it in Oxbow Park... )
7. The military is planning a 125 acre Army theme park. It's envisioned as offering simulated fighter jet flights, dropping bombs on civilians, taking out targets like hospitals, mowing people down with automatic weapons, laying land mines... you know, family stuff. (And what a recruiting tool!)
8. The FCC auctioned off all manner of rights to the airwaves. What? You didn't hear?
9. The BP oil spill in Prudhoe Bay is an environmental disaster that is getting worse by the moment. BP had been repeatedly warned of corrosion problems, but...
10. Cynthia McKinney lost a run-off election yesterday - and not without a discrediting, damaging campaign waged against her by Agents of Rove.
11. (/11 Omission: The 9/11 commission - among many other sins - failed to mention the Israeli link to the attacks.
12. Mediterranean jellyfish are swarming the beaches and driving away vacationers who just wanted a couple of weeks of peace and quiet without jellyfish... fer Gawdssake, is it too much to ask? Is it???
13. Andrea Manuel Lopez Obrador's supporters took over toll booths in protest over the official presidential election count and the court's refusal to order a full recount. And there's more to come. Read all about it on Chiapas indymedia!
14. American Shitzou, Alvaro Uribe was reinstalled as president of Colombia. Business as usual: Let the blood and drugs flow!
15. And if you don't think Israel really is a satellite regime, it withdrew its envoy to Venezuela. Solidarity with the patron state, y'know...
16. The director of Mercy Corps just flew back from Lebanon ('and boy, are his arms tired'). Neal Keny-Guyer came home frustrated and overwhelmed with the scope and scale of the humanitarian disaster unfolding in that unfortunate land.
17. Israel's Security Cabinet voted to expand the ground war this morning. Which means that it is more likely that Beirut will be hit... which means that Tel Aviv will be hit... .which means that... .Aaarrrghhh!
18. Two thirds of hospitals in Lebanon are on the brink of collapse.
19. The Israeli's have declared a "no-drive" zone south of the Litani River.
20. Serbia has demanded that Bosnia prosecute a wartime Muslim commander allegedly seen in video footage ordering the destruction of Serb homes in western Bosnia back in 1995. (Funny how this tape just appeared as the Western world embarks on a program of dehumanizing Muslims - makes it easier to kill them...
21. Another Day In The Death of A Nation: Thirty-one people killed in Iraq yesterday.
22. You Can Swim, But You Can't Hide: There was a 6.7 earthquake in the Pacific Ocean off the mid-Pacific island of Vanuatu, one of the most remote places on earth.

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