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forest defense

a night in jail for roadless forests

a night in jail for roadless forests
i just got back to portland lastnight after an exciting two days in southern oregon. i was arrested and spent the night in the Jackson County jail in Medford in hopes of getting people more aware of whats happening to our roadless areas. This is precedent setting logging. Kulongoski has already tried to stand up to the Bush administration over this issue. Please put pressure on him to continue the fight.

Tell Governor Kulongoski to Protect Roadless Areas in Oregon at the
State of Oregon's Roadless Area Public Forums
August 14
6:00 - 8:00 pm
Portland State University
University Place - Columbia Falls Ballroom
310 SW Lincoln Street
Portland, OR 97201
Thanks! 09.Aug.2006 10:32

Ben Waiting

I will do just that .....thanks for your effort and willingness to sacrifice freedom for a cause worth protesting for. I admire your dedication and concern

strategy 09.Aug.2006 11:34


You can do more to save the forest when youre not in jail. dont get caught!

Does the rest of the world here when I protester is jailed in the forest? 09.Aug.2006 12:21

Joe Anybody

sometimes there is nothing more you can do.
refuse to co-operate and be arrested is all that is left

not to mention no arrest means most likely no story in the Media especially these days

Strategy needs to be across the board and over many spectrum's of all kinds of actions!
How about whole families being arrested? Talk about a news story!

Yes I admire zz for his stratgery.....for I am trying my own
that being free and writing my congressmen, my blog, Indy Media, and educating my family, friends and co-workers. It is true I couldn't do any of that in jail.

But then, inspiring activism that requires doing jail time is just that
its ...Inspiring!
It shows a determination to peacefully send a message that your freedom is worth the loss by your incarceration to stand before courts, police, media, and judges and tell them why you did what you did.

We hear you zz and I am ratcheting up my motivation as I see you are willing to put your "life on the line"......Im glad your out, Thanks

gov.'s phone #? 09.Aug.2006 15:57

me too

do you have a number for the governor's office? I would like to ask everyone who calls (or writes) to ask for a pardon for the many who have thus far been arrested in (trying)to protect the Biscuit...who else should we bug?? #'s for the forest service?? also anyone who wants to get involved, could look at the O2 collectives web site (O2collective.org)

Here areTeds numbers 09.Aug.2006 18:03

Joe A

EMAIL web page link

Governor Kulongoski
160 State Capitol
900 Court Street
Salem, Oregon 97301-4047

Governor's Citizens Representative Message Line


do not get caught.... 09.Aug.2006 22:16

Gawan gawan.greenman@gmail.com

Eye must concur and emphasize for now is the time not to get caught....here in cascadia we need to shift our thinking first before saying no. We are blessed to be in this area for a reason and the way is through economic shift. And we must bow our heads to those right now who are out there on the lines, but there are some fundamental things at stake for one the newspaper , it is paper where does paper come from.....look around at the waist stop this madness first, immediate environment matters, what are we doing on the microcosm, cascadia , no one owns it and there are no borders and lets forget about flags this time....it is only a target for whomever is looking to be seen not heard. We do hold the power but it is in ethics where this power is most effective not just strength.


are you the guy that cut down the tree in the botanical area? 11.Aug.2006 09:09

Coccodus insignis

To protest the logging? A 40 foot tree that was used to block the roadway? If so why, and if not who?