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Call for submissions: Unseen PDX: Independent Photojournalism from Portland, OR.

I'm posting here because I'm starting a new project called Unseen Portland.

This is a call for submissions for the new photography-based, independent, activist news source. Let us show the rest of the world what is really happening in Portland through a very powerful medium- images. Together we can counter the heavy hand of advertising and the willful blindness of our culture.
Hi everyone,

I'm writing you all because I'm starting a new project called Unseen Portland.

If you're familiar with Portland Indymedia, you know that it is one of the only true sources of independent media coverage in Portland.
One of the things about Indymedia that I feel leaves a gap, though, is the need of truly high-quality photography (an occasional weakness but also strength of its open publishing system).

I believe that as activists in a struggling culture, we need to do our best to counter the forces of mainstream media, advertising and design by doing our own high-quality work to represent what we ourselves see in our city. I personally see a strong and dedicated community of individuals striving for social change in all realms, ranging from racial equality to salmon issues. Let us show Portland what's out there through photography and journalistic art!

Where do you come in? You're seeing this on Indymedia, and so you are an ally. You are invited to spread the word about this project and get people involved. Feel free to send this message to others.

So now, onto the actual site! Here is its current incarnation, with just a few seed images.

If you are interested in joining, just send me an email with UnseenPDX in the subject. Include two journalistic pieces (photographs or art) less than 700px. I will then take a look and shoot you back a personal email. Writers may also submit a short journalistic piece, but remember that this site is photography-centered, so you will to work with photographers extensively.

Together, we can make the web a powerful place to communicate our vision for a better local community and place to live and breathe!

kiliii yu
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