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Trapper Timber Sale

Forest Service officials deny protection for red tree voles in the McKenzie District

Despite Judge Pechman's recent ruling that the Bush administration's elimination of the the Survey and Manage Program is illegal, Willamette National Forest Supervisor Dallas Emch and District Ranger Mary Allison refuse to acknowledge the population of threatened red tree voles now known to inhabit the Trapper Timber Sale in the McKenzie River District. Last month N.E.S.T. volunteer climbers documented 30 red tree vole nest trees in the Trapper sale. Some nest trees were subsequently climbed and confirmed by leading scientist Dr. Eric Forsman of Oregon State University, and James Swingle, a Master's student and author of a thesis on red tree vole habitat. Under the Plan each active nest tree would be surrounded by a ten acre buffer, but Forest Service officials have so far refused to modify this controversial Old Growth sale to protect an important food source for the Northern Spotted Owl. LOGGING COULD BEGIN ANY DAY. Contact Mary Allison at 541-822 3381,  mallison@fs.fed.us and Dallas Emch at 541-225 6312,  demch@fs.fed.us and ask why the Forest Service refuses to obey the law and protect the red tree vole as required under the Northwest Forest Plan.

dets 09.Aug.2006 09:57


could someone familiar post some details on the NEST volunteer finds and some quotes from Ms Allison and Mr Emsch as to why the FS was refusing to alter the trapper plan

please and thank you

additional info 09.Aug.2006 19:51


Twenty six red tree vole nest trees were discovered in Trapper unit 40, which has a large old growth component, while four nest trees were discovered along the south edge of unit 22. Forest Service administrators cite a precedent for refusing to modify a harvest plan after a logging contract has been awarded, despite the introduction of significant new information, and despite the fact that the McKenzie District is currently required to "protect known sites" for red tree voles under the Northwest Forest Plan.

Forest Service should be dismantled 18.Aug.2006 12:47

Sliver Thistleprick

"Survey and Manage" is required by the Northwest Forest Plan. Forest Service surveys a unit and finds ZERO tree voles. Volunteers survey and find 26 tree voles. Is anyone fooled into thinking these Forest Service "surveys" are at all thorough? What is the point of having a "survey and manage" if it's not even followed?

The crooks at the Forest Service should be thrown out on their asses and all of their pay should go towards the NEST volunteers who are REALLY doing the surveys.
NEST volunteers shoot a line over a tree branch
NEST volunteers shoot a line over a tree branch